Get on Board: 20 Pinners To Follow Immediately

Some social media tools came to me very naturally when they were getting started, and others have been a little bit more tough to break into, figure out, and then become obsessed with. Twitter, back in 2009, was like that for me, and Pinterest was like that for me a few months ago. It took some exploration and a bit of time to figure out how to maximize my experience, find the right people to follow, and develop my own presence.

Part of my increased obsession with Pinterest lately has to do with the improvements on their side, such as suggested follows, the ability to choose a cover photo for each board, and more.

As we all get more comfortable and more excited about this social media tool (and it drives more and more traffic to our sites), our feeds just seems to get better. From recipes to hair style inspiration, shopping ideas and runway images – there's no end to the inspirational content that's flooding our Pinterest each day.

We rounded up a selection of some of the best pinners we follow to share with you. We considered how often they pin, the different types of images they gather, how many followers they have already and heck – just how pretty their pins are.

From bloggers to brands, editors and retailers, here are IFB's 20 favorite pinners:

Who do you love on Pinterest? Tell us your favorite follows in the comments! Also, be sure to follow IFB on Pinterest, and check out our post on how to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest here.

[Image via StyleCaster's Pinterest.]

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28 Responses

  1. martha

    well that took forever to look at but thank you so much ! i’ve been looking for new people to follow !!

  2. Emily

    I’m Pinterest obsessed and already following 17 of your top pinners! ย Great suggestions! ย I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting pinners to follow and looking for up-and-comers as well as popular pinners. ย Other than the ones you’ve listed, here are more of my faves:

  3. kalyca romeo

    My gosh, couldn’t you guys actually look for pinners beyond the usual suspects among the bloggers. It’s Pinterest, explode beyond the expected. Three names down on your list and I’m already over it.

    • Tali

      lol I also saw a lot of familiar faces.
      Girls are recommending some cool pinners tho, in comments.

  4. Tali

    Awesome options! I’m already following some of them, others added now! Great inspiration. I’ve been recently adding DIY projects like crazy on Pintrest, cannot wait to get started ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Mizan

    Its a great list to follow specially for those who loves fashion. Bookmarked it and also followed some boards. Thank you for this informative post ๐Ÿ™‚