IFB Poll: How Many Fashion Apps do you Actually Use?

We've been talking about apps a lot lately here at IFB – from our favorites for editing photos to the best and brightest of the fashion world. It seems like a new app for sharing your closet, tagging your looks or shopping from your phone is popping up everyday! This has us wondering – does anyone use them all? We all have a favorite or two that we use daily… but the rest usually get brushed aside after their initial appeal.

We want to know what you think. Do you use tons of fashion apps? Or do you have one or two go-tos that do everything you need?


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Let us know which apps are your favorites in the comments!

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18 Responses

  1. JD Fox

    I love Camera+, Pixlromatic & PicFrame for my blog images. As for shopping I use the Etsy, ShopStyle, StyleCaster and Kaleidoscope Apps.

    Hey! IFB needs an app ASAP! 🙂

  2. anne the SpyGirl

    Pose used to be good but my feed got full of posts by kids. Also dislike the pop-up ads in the inbox that started appearing 2 weeks ago. Extra annoyed because I was using it for my 365 photo project and had to switch to Instagram this month.
    Pose made me uncomfortable — too public.

    Pinterest on my iPhone 3G (I know… waiting for contract to expire) crashed so much I gave up.

    Gee, now that I really scrutinize usage, I’m not using ANY “Fashion” apps!

    Interested to see which ones people suggest and like. And which “blogger eBays” (sell/swap your closet) are popular.

  3. Lauren

    I was super excited about most apps that I downloaded (both on iOS and Android), but when it came down to it most were either redundant (Pose vs Snapette) or were nice in theory but weren’t executed very well Thre.ad, Luster.

    I like Poshmark, but the amount that the users on there want for their USED stuff is redic…eBay all the way for right now.

    I think my fav is Kaleidosope, but I follow them on Pinterest which makes actually looking at their app a little redundant.

  4. Erin

    Poshmark for sure if my favorite fashion app! In response to the users asking too high a price; most people seem willing to negotiate on their items! I also love TeuxDeux, a to do list app. PixFX is a great app for adding unique Instagam type filers to your photos. Bloglovin’ is another I use to quickly catch up on blogs.

  5. Erika

    I am an Android girl and love Instagram, Pixlr-O-Matic, Little Photo and Photo Grid but no shopping aps…

  6. Elvia

    Well, a few of my absolute favorite apps on my iPhone are:

    1.) ShopShop – to keep “to-buy” lists organized.

    2.) SaleSaver – great for knowing how much a product will cost with the discount percent and tax included.

    3.) ShopStyle – organizes merchandise from various stores for the purpose of shopping later… plus, save favorites and set sale alerts for particular merchandise.

    4.) Fooducate – scan the barcode of various foods to see how they rate in regards to nutrition, and find healthy alternatives.

    I use over 12 apps on my iPhone. If I don’t really use the app, I usually delete it.

  7. Annie

    GOYA for productivity, Hipstamatic for fun with friends/blogging,Twitter, LinkedIn and last but not least, Sleep Cycle (tracks how long you sleep and makes a chart of your patterns). I have a lot of photo apps but only use one or two, so I am curious which ones you guys dig.

  8. Lauren

    I hardly use any. I use pretty much only Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, and Pinterest in terms of things for my blog. I have some camera editing apps but have never really dabbled with them. I think there are SO many apps out there that it’s just too many and too hard to wade through the masses to find the good ones.


  9. We Heart Vintage

    I these iPad apps every day: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter (all the official apps) and a beta version of a WordPress full-function blog-editor called BlogPad Pro – all have become really useful blogging tools! (oh and of course email!)

  10. Tasnim

    oh oh oh, i’ve been thinking about this lately!
    i use the main social network sites, like twitter ad facebook
    but in terms of fashion-related, I use tumblr (on some occasions though), Blogger, instagram, Adobe Photoexpress, Pose (eve, Style.com!ry now and then) Fashiolista, Shopstyle and Style.com!

    of course, a couple of shops too- topshop, river island, asos and etc!