YouTube Turns 7; IFB Celebrates By Watching Videos

Today marks the 7th anniversary of everyone's favorite video destination on the web: YouTube! According to this post on Mashable today, more than 4 billion videos are viewed each day! I don't want to get all sentimental on you, but in a way, YouTube really brings the world together. It allows us to share, to laugh, to be amazed, and to see slices of life from all over the globe – that we would never be able to otherwise.

To celebrate this digital media milestone, IFB has rounded up just a few of our favorite YouTube videos of the moment (both fashion-related and, well… not) for your viewing pleasure. Here's the thing: We love fashion, we love to laugh, we love a little live music, and we love Ellen. Enjoy.


Sh*t Fashion Girls Say… At New York Fashion Week


Wendy's Lookbook: Spring Coat


Emma Stone Dance Dare on Ellen


Florence + The Machine: No Light (live)


Garance Dore/Pardon My French: Les Parisiennes


What are your favorite YouTube videos? Will you celebrate the 7 year anniversary by watching cat videos for hours? Not that we will or anything…

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