Boost Your Pinterest Benefits With the Pin-It Button

By Jessie Holeva of Trend Hungry

Hello, I’m Jessie and I’m addicted to Pinterest. I know I’m not alone and I know of a cool tool well-worth adding to your blog – the Pin-It Button. Let’s face it, we’re all a bit exhausted from attempting to balance work, blogging, every social media that comes out, and squeezing in some form of a real life sans on our cell phones. Pinterest is totally revolutionizing the way we share information and it seems here to stay. Plus it’s fun, a useful blogger tool, and did I mention really fun?

Pin-It Button Benefits

  • Share Using Images. Bloggers aren’t the only ones that respond more to visuals.  A picture speaks more than 140 characters and it’s much easier to grab someone’s attention to an outfit post or a tutorial via an image. Grab some clicks simply by showcasing an image of your fabulous content. Polka dots look way cuter on nails or a pair of DIY flats than written out.
  • Link to Your Site. By pinning through the button you are automatically linking the image back to your site, no extra steps needed. When someone sees the pin from the Pin-It Button there will be no question where the image came from. You’ll get full credit and more hits if/when (and they will) click the pic.
  • Easy for Readers. We all want more eyes on our site and we want to keep them happy so they stay a while and tell their friends. The button enables just that and without much effort or frustration.
  • Snag New Readers. Pinterest isn’t just for the blog or social-media obsessed. It’s got a wide range of users and like we said in #1, an image grabs attention. So when Jane A is looking up some organization inspiration and sees a picture of your organized baubles she’s going to click and bam – you’ve just managed to get someone new to your site, all through content you already had and a quick click of a button.
  • Share on Multiple Platforms. Pinterest encourages sharing. When you or a reader pins there’s the option of sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Imagine how much more likely it will be for a reader (and you) to share on more than one outlet.
  • Bookmark Blogs. What blogger isn’t forever going through blogrolls to find new reads or a cool DIY? If the blog has the button you can add it to a board in a snap and save to read later. We’re not only bloggers, but blog fans and we know that we’re way more likely to share, comment, and come back to a blog that’s easy to look at, read, and interact with.
  • Written Image Descriptions. When you pin using the button, it automatically generates a description, depending on how you installed the button. It’s typically the blog title unless you wrote a specific one. Those few seconds of writing one while pinning saves time for you, but more importantly your new pinners. The less work for them, means the more likely they’ll pin again and keep coming back.
  • Seduce Sponsors. The blog biz is a bit of a hustle and you gotta be on your game. The more Twitter and Facebook followers you have, the more desirable you look. Pinterest has the attention of big brands, big time. Oscar De La Renta just live-pinned a whole bridal show. I bet they’re taking notice of the bloggers that are making an impact on Pinterest.

How To Add The Pin-It Button

  • Pinterest’s Way: They’re got a Goodies tab (love the name!) and there’s a section specifically to make it easy for websites to add the button. All you need to do is type in your URL, the URL of the image and copy the codes it generates. It's pretty easy, but does require you do to it for every image you want pinnable. I recommend this method when you’re just looking to try it out, or if you blog weekly or less. When you’re in the Goodies tab take a look around. There’s also a follow button that would ideally be placed with your other widgets and will link back to your account and help you gain more Pinterest peeps.
  • Self-Hosted WordPressers: There’s a Pin it button plugin that automatically installs, then all you do is tweak, and get ready for the pinning to begin. This installation is a one-time thing and here’s the link to download the tool along with instructions. (
  • Blogger Users: There’s not a specific plugin for blogger, but I did find a tutorial worth trying.


Do you have the Pin-It button on your blog? Share your tips, tricks or advice in the comments! 

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15 Responses

    • martha

      I’ve just tried this out ony my blog, and although it downloads and installs in seconds, it looks horrid !I was expecting a small icon next to the comments section benetah the photos ! It’s just so big 🙁 but I’m sure it’s suitable for others, I’m just being subjective

    • Niki

      This is really very easy to go with this plugin. Oh god I was customizing my theme for this. Thanks for sharing the plugin. Is there a way we can change the default “Pin it” icon?

  1. Nels

    I’m just curious about how users pin. I use the PinMarklet in my browser and never hit the “Pin It” buttons. Is that unusual?

    • Kira

      Nels, I think most people do use the bookmarklet but I think that adding a Pin It button is a good reminder to readers to pin content they like. I manually add a button below one photo per post and I have found that I get a lot more Pinterest traffic since doing so!

  2. Phil Derksen

    I’m the developer of the “Pin It” button WordPress plugin mentioned. If those with WordPress have ideas for improvement of the plugin please let me know. I can be contacted through my site or a user forum I setup.

    Thanks IFB for the mention!

  3. LaurenF

    I looked into adding the pin-it button, but I use blogger, and wasn’t interested in doing it every single time I post (we post to our blog at least once a day). Nels, to answer your question, I too pin from my browser and have never clicked a Pin It button.

    • Nels

      Thanks! I, too, use Blogger but have only pinned from the browser and was wondering how hard to work on this.

  4. Rebekah

    I always like it when I don’t have to do any work. Just one click and I have the picture….great. I wish Tumblr was as quick and this. Pinterest and instagram are my new weaknesses

  5. Suzanne Amlin

    It looks like the description for the Pins is what you put for your Alt descriptions. I just put what I was hoping would turn up in Google results so some of them are kind of strange. I’d hate to have to add an individual description for each picture and write it in a way that makes logical sense. Should I be catering my alt text for Google or Pinterest? Should I be including hashtags in the Alt text? Let me know, I’m super new to this!

    A Coin For the Well

  6. katie

    i love the hover buttons! it’s a useful hint, kind of looks good, and makes it way easier and super quick! most of the blogs with good photography seem to have them now, i really want one! I just can’t figure out how to get it on my NON self hosted wordpress. driving me mental.