The Ultrabook: The Accessory for the Girl-on-the-Go

You know that old saying, “time is money”? Well, it turns out that when you work in a small start-up, that saying is completely true.


Every second counts, especially when you are traveling and business is calling! Enter the Ultrabook™'s Asus Zenbook. With its sleek design and lightweight body, the laptop became our go-to resource during a hectic week of business meetings, travel, and off-site events. We may not be fans of working out of the office (coffee shops can be extra loud, don't you think?) but thanks to our new tech tool, we managed to cross off major to-do's on our list in a short amount of time.


Weighing less than three pounds, we were able to take the laptop all around town, which, if you know, can be a workout if you are juggling an over-sized laptop. In addition, the computer was extra speedy, taking only seconds to power up. That may sound insane but waiting  and waiting for your computer to start up is just irritating, right? Plus, the computer comes in rose gold. Hello fashion trends!

If you are looking for a computer to be your travel companion, we recommend the Asus Zenbook powered by the Ultrabook™. Quick, sleek, modern and efficient. That's exactly what a girl-on-the-go needs!

To learn more about the Ultrabook™ and the Asus Zenbook, head here. We loved reading about the computer's sleek design and overall efficacy. SO much insight into the way the computer was built!

Disclaimer: We were loaned the Asus Zenbook by Intel to test out and review. Opinions are solely our own.

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