Costume Institue Gala to Live-Stream Red Carpet

This morning we read an exciting piece of news in WWD: For the first time ever, the red carpet arrivals at the Costume Institue Gala will be broadcasted via live-stream!

The Gala, held annually and the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC, attracts all the biggest players of the fashion industry as well as some of the world's most stylish starts, which means the red carpet is a visual feast for the fashion obsessed. Viewers can tune in live starting at 6:30 PM (EST) on May 7th, to, or to watch the show – and will be able to live tweet questions to the hosts (William Norwich and Elettra Wiedmann) using the hashtag #metquestions.

So what does this mean to fashion bloggers?

  • You get a front row seat to fashion's biggest night (let's face it, that's just cool!)
  • You have an amazing opportunity to interact with the start on the red carpet using the #metquestiosn hashtag.
  • Think of the twitter networking you can do! Live tweet the event (you can be sure we'll be there!) and connect with other bloggers and brands who are chatting about it.
  • Use the looks (screen shot away!) for blog post inspirations – they'll be lost of post even searches for photos of the looks, take advantage of that and get people to look at them on your blog!

And just for fun – here are our favorite looks from the 2011 Gala…


(images via Huffington Post)

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3 Responses

  1. Rachael

    This is great news but I’m even more excited about how you shared those photos in that slideshow! Please share how you were able to do that!

    I’ve looked all over for a great photo slideshow for WordPress.

  2. Charley

    Is it just me or do Dello Russo’s trousers look like they’re at half mast with those shoes? Did her pet hamster die the night before or something? Not saying it to bitch, it’s genuinely charming. I’ve always loved her experimental style and the combination of panache and devil-may-care abandon with which she carries it off. Also, the brocade leaves are awesome!