Klout Launches an iPhone App – Do We Still Care?

This morning, news hit that Klout's iPhone app is now available, and it will display your score without having to open the app. It will also let you search for “influencers” and check up on influential topics on the go, according to Mashable.

For those of you new to the Klout game- Klout is a  company that is assigning users of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) a score.  Klout uses a set of complex algorithms to give you a score from 1 to 100 (the higher the score the more influential) that brands can utilize to measure influence. (read more here)

We've shared our thoughts on Klout in the past – and we're a little perplexed by this release. So we wanted to open it up to you!

Do you see the necessity of an app to track your Klout score? How much stake do you put into someone's Klout score? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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7 Responses

  1. Daniel Dunt

    After reading numerous articles which stated that Klout was, to put it bluntly, a load of rubbish, I’ve avoided it altogether. I used to think that the concept was really interesting, but from what I’ve read, it’s not the most reliable source when it comes to measuring an individuals influence, which is a real shame.

  2. Aimée DesOrmeaux-Lewis

    When Klout first came out, it was a reliable source to measure influence. My coworkers and I, who at the time managed our company’s social media marketing, would have Klout wars to see who would gain the most influence each week. However, when they changed the way they measured influence, it turned us off and we stopped using it. Although I still check it from time to time, I don’t make it a priority anymore.

  3. madeleine gallay

    Klout may or may not have immediate significance to the fashion blogging community but it does matter. Several companies supply (sell) Klout information (Salesforce.com being a very large provider) to hotels, companies including Gilt.com, etc. There are benefits to it and your “influence” (be it rubbish or valid) exists.

    Certain hotels surreptitiously check a guest’s Kloyt score and high enough up are treated to upgrades, etc.

    Very strange world we live in. Not sure what metrics they use in the same way that Google and other search engines have metrics that we guess at.

    For now, it does matter to companies willing to pony up $$$ for the information.

  4. Amber

    I downloaded it just out of curiosity, but I’ve never been able to make head nor tail of Klout: I only check it every so often, but my score seems to go up and down all the time, and I’ve no idea why, so it mystifies me. I also hate the fact that you can’t add multiple networks to it – I have different Twitter/Facebook accounts for different sites, but I would have to have separateness Klout profiles for each of them too, which is just too much faff!