Blast From The Past: Style Bloggers Prom Flashback

Chiffon. Corsages. Tuxedos and slow dancing.

bloggers go to prom

For a teenage girl, there are few occasions that loom larger and more important than senior prom. Other than your wedding dress, could any gown selection be more crucial?

Prom season is in full swing at high schools across the country, and it's got us reminiscing. For the ladies of IFB, prom was a good million years ago, but we still remember it like it was yesterday. Because this dance is such a milestone both in life and in a girl's personal style evolution, IFB decided to take a trip down memory lane, and we're not going alone. We asked a few of our favorite style bloggers to share their prom style and any advice they have for this year's prom-goers.

We owe a huge thank you to each of the ladies who shared their prom style with IFB! From frothy pink gowns to sassy orange frocks and vintage Bill Blass, enjoy these amazing style flashbacks!

 Style Bloggers Share their Prom Photos & Style Tips!

Step outside the box!  Try something fun and unconventional, like a short dress, neon jewelry, or rocking a fascinator.  Stand out and make a statement. – Grace, Stripes & Sequins
Bloggers at Prom: Cheetah is the new Black

Here you have it, me at my senior prom 10 years ago! You can't quite tell in this picture but the dress is hot coral… I was daring with my fashion choices even back then and would say go bright with your dresses this spring! Looking back I'm not too happy with my metallic silver, low heel choice and those fake nails but you win some you loose some. Oh and my hair used to be that naturally curly (probably should have worn it up). But gosh darn it was a fun night! – Alicia, Cheetah Is The New Black

Bloggers at Promg: SugarLaws

In my defense, I had really good inspiration behind this dress.  I remember thinking at the time that it was just like Gwyenth Paltrow's iconic pink Ralph Lauren Oscar gown. Which it… was not.  High school was definitely not my favorite time, but prom is one of my most fun memories.  My school had all these crazy rules (everyone had to take mandatory DANCE LESSONS beforehand — yes, seriously!) and I went with a guy friend and we had a total blast.  Weirdly, I only have a few memories of the actual dance — I mostly remember going out for pancakes at 1 a.m. after it was over!  But if I were going to give myself some little pieces of advice, I'd probably say: 1)  Smile!  Even though you just got your braces off and your teeth probably felt weird.  (Or even if you still have braces — my little sister got that right in this photo!) 2)  Whatever you wear, you'll probably be mortified about it in 5-10 years, so just pick something you can dance in.  This goes for shoes too! 3)  Whatever you do, please do not *ever* wear a butterfly clip in your hair.  Even if your dress has little butterflies on it.  That might be the most embarrassing thing about this whole photo. And have fun! – Katy, SugarLaws

Caroline, Sweet Caroline In The City

Jessie Artigue, Style and Pepper (in vintage Bill Blass and Valentino shoes!)

Bloggers at Prom: Christina Topacio Profresh style

Prom was like my coming of age party- No one realized what a wild, “fun”, party young lass I was. There was no more shy Christina- it was GO ALL OUT Christina. I dressed like a creamsicle with my date who ended up being a skeevy guy later in my life. HA. But PROM, my precious bundles of sequins and chiffon, is about having the time of your life. You'll never get this again unless you get married. And who does that these days? My advice is as follows: Wear what you love! Who cares what you'll look like 10 years from now! I mean, look at me! I'm wearing BRAIDS IN MY HAIR and a slit up to my whoo-ha (which is apparently in these days). So find a dress, a hairstyle, a makeup look, based on what you love at 16, 17, 18 years old. It's for fun- not your wedding day. – Christina, ProFresh Style

I fell in love with this Laundry by Shelli Segal dress because it reminded me of a mermaid. I'm a pisces so I pretty much love and relish in any chance to look like a mermaid. Even though a lot of girls were starting to wear short cocktail dresses to Prom, I wanted to wear a long one to really get the whole experience. I figured it would be the single most important dress I would wear after my wedding dress. One tip I have is to remember to not wear too much makeup – you will look back and cringe. I was happy I went with makeup look that was very similar to what I wore everyday. The dress and the hair was enough for me and I look at this picture and think I look like myself (with a lot thinner eyebrows, yikes). – Tara, WonderGirl

Bloggers at Prom: Shut up i love that shirt on you, Taylor

This is actually the second dress I bought for my prom, it’s BCBG. In retrospect, the original one my mom and I found together at Saks 5th Avenue in Portland (black, fitted one-shoulder to the floor with a bit of ruching) would have been more timeless, but I fell in love with this forest green color and had to have it. My mom did my hair and make-up for me, and oddly enough, I still do both almost the same way. My advice is to find a dress, shoes, etc that you absolutely love no matter how trendy, because every aspect of prom is just about being in the moment. In five or ten years it won’t matter what you wore or who your date was or if you had a streaky spray-tan, as long as it felt right and made you happy at the time. – Taylor, IFB & Shut up, i love that shirt on you.

Don't freak out about Prom too much. Just make sure you have time to dance and laugh with your friends. It won't matter if the limo runs late (or if you just go in your friend's mini-van…) it won't matter if your shoes aren't perfection – all that really matters is you dance, smile and laugh with your BFFs! – Crissie, IFB & Chicasaurus-Rex 

Anna Derkin, See Jane (with her now husband!)


I may be in the minority, but when I look back at my prom dresses (from 10 and eek…11 years ago) I can honestly say I still am happy with what dresses I wore.  I remember for both proms I searched for months for the perfect dress, and wanted to be sure no one else would have the same one.  My senior prom dress I purchased from Bluefly – I remember explaining to my friends that it was a sort of neon and yellow zebra print – which sounded horrendous, but I knew it looked much better than it sounded, and I loved it.  My advice to any lucky teenager heading to prom this year or ever down the road – hunt for a great dress that makes you happy and like your best self – don't worry about what your friends are wearing, what the prom magazines suggest, or trendy things you don't feel comfortable in.  I wore a jean jacket over my dress to senior prom – I'm sure that seemed strange and too casual to some, but it was my style and I liked it.  Also – don't over do it on the make up – it can look harsh in pictures and make you not even look like yourself if done wrong.  On prom day you want to look like your most beautiful self – you'll have those pictures to look back at for a very long time! – Kiley, A Sequin Dress At Breakfast

Bloggers at Prom: Gabi Gregg, GabiFresh

I'm not into princess dresses, so for fancy occasions I always opt for flowy chiffon. Don't be afraid to do a more modern take on prom by wearing a short length dress or one that's not necessarily in the ‘special occasion' section. Also: prom is about looking glam, but also about having fun! Don't forget to let go and dance with friends–and don't stay home just because you don't have a date! I didn't go with a date and had the time of my life! – Gabi, GabiFresh


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  1. Sharon

    I wore a black and gold custom made mermaid-inspired prom dress that I begged my father to let me have made. I was reading a magazine when I was in the ninth grade (just beginning) and Latoya Jackson was wearing this dress black and gold mermaid inspired dress, I ripped the picture out a saved it for four years. There was a dressmaker who owned a shop down the the street from my high school who, I had sew up the dress. That was the year 1990. I think I will post a picture on Twitter.