Women Dominate the Blogosphere, and Social Media Too

Women Dominate the Blogosphere, and Social Media TooWe sort of already assumed, but Mashable reported over the weekend that women are totally dominating the digital space – at least when it comes to personal blogs and social media profiles.



Here are some of the important stats we took away from the report:

  • Women are 8% more likely than the average online adult to build or update a personal blog — while men are 9% less likely to do so.
  • Women are 18% more likely than the baseline American to follow a brand on Facebook or other social media sites, while men are 21% less likely.
  • Women are 6% more likely to have created at least one social networking profile, while men are 7% less likely to have done so.

The report (by Nielsen Worldwide) makes no mention of fashion blogs in particular, but does conclude that women are generally more active when it comes to “digital brands and online purchasing.” These are two of the driving forces behind creating commerce within fashion blogging.

Women also hold the throne with traditional purchasing, so it's not really surprising that we're dominating online as well. We find it curious and fascinating that women are so much more likely to blog and engage with social media.

With the online space becoming one of the most powerful resources on the planet, and women leading it's social media growth, what does that mean for the future? Do you think brands cater more to women when it comes to digital involvement and advertising?

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