Lessons from the Lucky Fabb Conference

Lucky Fabb

“Be the expert voice for your readers,” Randi Zuckerberg, former Marketing Director of Facebook said to a captive audience of today’s leading fashion and beauty bloggers at Lucky magazine’s LUCKYFABB Conference in Los Angeles this past Monday.

Over 150 bloggers attended the magazine’ first ever west-coast conference and were happily encouraged to “Quit your day job” and become a blogging pro by Lucky magazine Editor-In-Chief Brandon Holley. With a roster of celebrities, beauty brands, fashion leaders and blogging’s celebrated talent, the attendees walked away with exclusive brand insight, blogging inspiration, and an overwhelming amount of new contacts.

In addition to blogging insight and blogging best practices, bloggers heard business tips from today’ s hottest and smartest entrepreneurs Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr (WhoWhatWear), Janie Bryan (Mad Men), Christin Trogran (Funny or Die) and Alli Webb (Drybar).


What kind of blogging lessons can you learn from the LuckyFabb conference? Keep reading!


  • Leverage all the insights you have available to really understand your audience. Gear your content to match your audience for true marketing success. From Hootsuite to Facebook to Google Analytics, there are great programs available for you to dig deep and find out who your reader really is.
  • Hold true to your values. This sentiment was mentioned numerous times throughout the day and it’s worth repeating. NO matter how much you are offered or promised, if a partnership or collaboration doesn’t match your voice and brand, don’t be afraid to say no. Sometimes, saying no to a project that doesn’t match your values/brand is the best thing you can do.
  • Develop your business skills. Understanding new platforms, getting skilled in networking, or learning how to manage your finances might not be fun but to become a better businessperson, you should sharpen those business skills. The more well-rounded of an individual you are, the stronger you will feel. We are all about blogger empowerment here!
  • Kindness wins in the end. We aren’t suggesting you should become fast friends with everyone in the blogging world. But there is something to be said about maintaining a positive, warm attitude when dealing with the public, potential clients and colleagues. As Randi Zuckerberg stated, “Kindness and friendliness goes a long way.”

Did you attend LuckyFabb or did you watch it on LiveStream? Which panels were your favorite?


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3 Responses

  1. Lisa

    I really loved the FABB conference. I got most from the break away discussions. Mostly the one with Bri Emrey of design love fest.


    Lisa from SWEETIE blog

  2. AshleyGaGa

    I’m so sorry I missed this as well. But how in the world did people hear about it? Did I miss all of the advertisements?

    I would have been the first to purchase my ticket to Cali if I had know.