IFB Project #46: In Honor of Mom

For many of us, our mom was the first fashion influence we ever had.

Whether or not it was your mom, your grandmother, your aunt, your older sister or that crazy lady that lived across the street, we were all influenced by the strong female figures that surrounded us in our childhood. Whether you played dress-up in her closet or secretly loathed her sweater sets as an angst-y tween, these women played a role in how we all view fashion and personal style today. Whoever your greatest female influence was, let's show her some love.

Project #46: In Honor of Mom

For this week's post, create a post that's dedicated to your mom, moms everywhere, or a favorite female in your life. Dig up old photos, take some new ones, ask her to share a story about a fashionable event from her past, it's up to you. We all owe so much to the people who raised us to be who we are, the least we can do is treat them to a little blog post. (Sending flowers is also encouraged, but not required.)

Share your post below, and check back on Wednesday, May 10th for the round-up, just in time for Mother's Day on Sunday, May 13th!

 [Image credit: One of the cutest moms with a blog ever, The Rockstar Diaries]


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