Should you quit your day job to blog? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week at Lucky Fabb,  rampant on the twitter feed, was Brandon Holly quote “I want to help you quit your day job.” and “Quit your day job.”  Quitting my day job was probably one of the best things I ever did for my career, but it wasn't an easy ride. In fact of all the successful entrepreneurs I've ever met, going out on their own was never easy.

For me, going on my own was actually was part opportunity part, wake-up call. The company I was working for was about to lay off half the team and my heart wasn't in keeping my day job, my then-boyfriend (now husband) had to move back to Germany to finish his degree and he had a free place for me to live while I worked on my blog. I don't come from a rich family, nor was my blog raking in the big bucks at the time (more like $100 a month). So it was part luck and part stupidity that I even went on my own in the first place.

What happened? For the first year, I was really working on building the blogs, I was really poor, like agonizing over whether I should buy hairpins for one Euro poor. Going out for a cup of coffee was a luxury poor. Defaulting on a few loans poor.  But it enabled me to make a lot of trips, spend a lot of time blogging which opened opportunities. Brands had flown me  to Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and New York and I was able to make connections which in the end helped to build what I have today.

So was it worth it? Yes absolutely. Was it hard? You betcha. Would I recommend everyone to do what I did. Not so much. There are a few things I would like to recommend first before quitting your day job.


God or no god, having faith in yourself that things are going to work out no matter what, it the most crucial thing to becoming a successful blogger, or successful in anything for that matter. Having faith in yourself, in the world working out will keep you calm when the shit hits the fan, and the shit always hits the fan at some point for entrepreneurs.  When people doubt you, and they will when you're doing something new, having faith in yourself will keep you strong.


No man or woman is an island. No one succeeds alone. I had my husband and my family to support me while I went through this time. I also had a great group of friends and had a lot of support from other bloggers who kept me strong through the beginning. Having a good support system will help you have faith in yourself, and it will help you hang in there.


What is your business plan? What is the future of your blog? How do you want to change your industry? Where do you see yourself in five years? These are all questions you should have clear in your mind. Making money is important, these days it's not always clear how that's going to happen. But if you have your eye on the prize, eh, eye eye on your vision you'll think of ways you can monetize in interesting ways.


This is the most important thing you have to have, above all else. If you have enough drive, we can just drop you off in the middle of nowhere with just a toothbrush and you'll succeed. Having drive will keeping you working, trying new things, staying fresh and motivated to work through anything. If you find yourself working twelve hours a day, or spending every spare moment you can on making your vision a reality, then you probably have enough drive to make it happen. Don't underestimate drive, it's key.


So, now you have the scoop… Is quitting your day job something you aspire to? Are you ready for it?



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  1. J's Everyday Fashion

    I like that this article presents a realistic picture of how it’s not always glamourous to be a full-time blogger! It seems like it’s really trendy right now, and everyone is trying to quit their day job. I guess I can see the appeal, but I also often joke that I wouldn’t wish blogging full-time on my biggest enemy. There are some serious pros and cons to consider, and I know Jon Acuff (author of “Quitter”) recommends not quitting your day job until your own company/blog has fully taken flight!

  2. Dan

    It always depends to what extend you want your blog to take part in your life. Should it stay a hobby or should it really determine your earning?
    In my opinion, it is not aspiring, because you always have that pressure to be good and to be interesting. You are a public person. Nevertheless, I admire people who really succeeded with their blogs!

    Really interesting article on that topic…

  3. Nicole

    Thanks for the insight on becoming a professional blogger. I don’t know that I would quit my day job at this point but eventually I will!

  4. Loudpen

    This article was amazing! As a semi-professional blogger I can definitely relate. I’ve been blogging for four years and almost 2 as a fashion blogger and I still don’t make enough income to support myself off my blog. However, I’m not really upset about this. Sure, I wish my site did more traffic and that I could quit my day job and just blog but if it’s meant to be, it will be. I still get invited to major NY fashion events and brands are always reaching out to me to collaborate on posts. Plus I’ve started my own talent agency which would’ve never happened without me being a blogger first. Overall, I think it’s about all the characteristics listed in this article and a little thing called plain old luck. Again awesome posy!

  5. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    Love the graphic! It’s definitely important to keep your eye on the prize and map out a full on business plan, goal setting helps makes thing happen, and quite frankly a Trust Fund wouldn’t hurt!

  6. Vogue & Vintage

    I love that this article came from a realistic perspective. My blog is 4 years old this year and I am heavily contemplating quitting my day job but I also have a new baby and a new house so it’s not so cut and dry for me. You have to mold this question to your life. If that means quitting after you have a nice saving, or starting some sort of monetizing until you match your 9 to 5 pay. If that’s your destiny and if it’s in the cards it will happen. I believe in putting it into the atmosphere and letting it manifest itself!

  7. June

    This is a really inspirational post! I use my day job as a means to pay my rent and survive but my true passions and interest lie in my blog. I really hope one day I can do the same as you did. Sadly, in a country like mine, it is not so easy to become a full time blogger

  8. Sidney

    Great graphic! I wouldn’t jump to quitting my job just yet if the blog raked in some visitors and shows “promise” – have a strong following and growing. It is a great place to be in, but perhaps quitting your job can wait until you actually have the thousands rolling in every month. However, definitely a great piece – a reality check for all bloggers.

  9. Lindsey

    Cute graphic! I enjoyed reading this post. The blogging world is certainly an interesting place to be, read, and even work.