More is More: 20 Essential Traffic-Driving Tips

When we say more is more, we mean it. More places where your blog name, your twitter handle, and your URL are visible on the web, means more traffic being directed to your site.
It's no surprise that the most effective ways to attract more visitors to your site and increase your traffic all involve putting in effort outside your own blog. Networking is the name of the game, so make sure you've got all your bases covered. From the social media big timers (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) to the sometimes forgotten traffic drivers (Bloglovin, Tumblr) to our own giant network (that's IFB's community, guys) here are 20 ways to attract more visitors to that fabulous blog of yours:

1. We can’t say enough what an awesome source of traffic Pinterest can be. Check out this post, which reminds us to pin older content too and be sure to add a Pin It button to your posts.

2. Twitter – Don’t just tweet your link once and forget about it. Think about time zones, and when different people might be on-line, write a few tweets per post and spread them out over the day.

3. Commenting on Other Blogs – This is a great way to build connections with the blogging community as well as drive traffic. It’s not a guarantee the bloggers you leave comments for will visit your site – but it does up the odds and raise awareness about your blog.

4. Set up a Facebook page for your blog. Fill your profile as robustly as possible, with links to your other social media sites, your Tumblr, Twitter etc. Publish your post links and create galleries of out-take images.

5. Submit your best post of the week to IFB’s Links A La Mode.

6. Use StumbleUpon's discovery and social sharingtools to share your best posts and figure out what types of content people all over the world are reading, then apply it to your site.

7. Apply to or join a publishing network like Glam Media.

8. Always consider how you can best use your SEO skills. From making the most of your post titles to smartly using keywords in your content, this is a great way to generate search traffic.
9. Share your outfit posts on, and use their social media tools to share and invite your followers to “hype” your looks.

10. Post an Instagram or Twitter image “teaser” of an upcoming post, with a link to the post.

11. Reach out to one or more bloggers to have them contribute a guest post to your site, or pitch yourself as a guest post-er to one of your peers.

12. Make sure your blog is registered with Bloglovin’ so your site can be found and followed in this popular reader.

13. Twitter Part II: When you promote your post, “@” the brands you’re wearing or places you visited – anything that applies!

14. Use tags to organize your content within your site. For example, tag all your outfit posts with the same thing, then create a page at the top of your site that allows quick access to all those posts in one place. You can do the same for any repetitive content such as beauty, music, celebrity looks, etc!

15. Utilize Pinterest and share your blog posts with current and potential followers. Just make sure to use an eye-catching graphic to grab your follower’s attention.

16. Make sure your correct URL is everywhere it needs to be: Your Twitter profile, your Facebook fan page, your Instagram profile, Pinterest, and so on!

17. Promote your blog post on Tumblr with a colorful graphic or image. Just make sure the graphic links back to your original blog post!

18. Do a link round up of posts you like from bloggers you admire or follow, then promote the post with their Twitter handles or Facebook page links.

19. Network within the IFB community! Reach out to other members and participate in the IFB Project each week.

20. Host a giveaway on your blog. This is a surefire way to attract readers, comments and followers, and increase site traffic. Read our best giveaway tips here.

Did we miss a tactic you use to bring more visitors to your blog? Share your best ideas in the comments!

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31 Responses

  1. Enya Morrisroe

    Thank you for posting this content on IFB..
    The editorial calendars are helping me do more posts & interviews done. Thank you.

  2. Sharon

    The ONE problem with this list is the part where you say – Network within IFB – for some bloggers this means sending email after email of “follow my blog.” Maybe you all can write a post on how NOT to network within IFB and how not to. haha
    Great tips!!

    • Marcia

      I agree with you. 75% of the posts on IFB are about “follow me and I’ll follow back!” or “check out my blog and I’ll check out yours!” which is why I don’t network with others much.

      • Lauren

        I have been seeing the same trend. Every single mail I get says “Hey! Follow me. Thanks! I follow back.” I only want to follow blogs I genuinely like and I want my followers to do the same!

      • Jacy Tilton

        I completely agree! I find it to be both aggressive and desperate. I don’t want to feel obligated to follow someone, and I also don’t want to forget the real reason that I’m blogging….which is that I love fashion and want to share my style!

  3. Iny

    GREAT TIPS! My problem is that on blogspot I can’t seem to find how to put buttons that link to my twitter, pininterest, etc. Maybe I am being clumsy, but I need some help.

  4. Micky

    You know what? I’ve been having a monthly gieaway but people don’t seem to enter much. All one has to do to enter is like the FB page so nothing complicated. I promote it on FB and Twitter and I even asked on FB if people prefered small and frequent giveaways or a big one less frequently (people chose the 1st option). Have no clue as to what I’m doing wrong.

    • Jane

      Hey Micky I have done a bunch of giveaways and here is what I have learned.

      Your true followers are often more interested in the content than the giveaways. Whereas there is a whole contesting culture online that is super into free stuff.

      I promote my giveaways on contest sites (google them there are a TON) and I get loads of traffic that way to the giveaway.

      But I have found that the people who follow my content are different than the people who contest on my site.

  5. Jade

    That point about tweeting more than once about a blog post is such a good idea! I need to start doing that as I only tweet about it once then forget about it. I’m going to do this today 😀 I also want to ask someone to guest post on my blog now! xx

  6. Lauren

    There are a lot of great ideas in this post. As a New Media student, I learn a lot about these tactics to get more views and traffic and be a recognizable part of a knowledge community. These are very helpful!

  7. absolutely mrs k

    do you really think it will help? really? believe me, i am into social media! i promote as much as i can and there are even people who are promoting me! but in the end, i do not get more traffic! and again, we are dealing with the always returning issue: it is all about stats ( of course it is, that is how neoliberal we are)! stats, league tables, followers, likes, … etc! oh and don’t forget that there is a causal relationship between stats and content!
    PS you did forget instagram! Don’t get me wrong, i do understand the power of social media, but it is not like something magical is going to happen!

  8. Sentrell

    This is a great list. I am interested in learning more about StumbleUpon. I’ve seen a few bloggers using it but I’m not familiar. Number 1, 3 and 8 have worked very well for me. I should start utilizing Tumblr more often too.

  9. MizzJ

    I don’t know how others’ experience with Glam was, but I was on their network with my previous blog and they never actually compensated me for their ads! So I wouldn’t recommend them. The other tips are really helpful though, particularly about tweeting!

  10. Spring Flowerchild

    I have a pinterest, but never use it to promote my blog. I probably will now! Also I know personally that commenting on other blogs does bring in traffic.

  11. Kara

    I have a post it note on my computer to remind me to go to my social media sites And I use reminders on my iPhone and the TEAXDEUX app for to do lists. Making all these sites a consistent habit has been my biggest challenge.

  12. Crystin

    Love all the tips, except that I think Lookbook and Chictopia are kind of pointless. At least for me or other people who don’t fit into a certain look.

  13. Charley Helfet

    Do you need a minimum hits rating for your blog to join Glam Media? (In which case, I’m screwed as I’m really struggling to get traffic :-S)

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  15. Sarah Marie

    I’ve had good luck with putting my blog up on blog directory and other sites like that. They also feature established bloggers that really get the inspiration levels going. Twitter is also a very good source and definitely space the tweets out and add #hashtags to get the most effectiveness out of the tweets.

  16. Kenneth Jacobs

    Certain tips may work for certain people. I’ve had more people view my blog from IFB than any where else because I’ve been more engaged here (gaining resources, connecting with other bloggers, commenting on different topics, etc)

    My personal feelings on this topic is that it won’t come over night. We have to work hard to provide great content, engage with bloggers and our audience, and have FUN blogging.

    Kenneth <3

  17. Nastya

    These ideas are the best! I’ve heard about StumbleUpon before, but I never really decided to find out what that is, and because of this article I finally did it and the results are great! Thank you! Now I’m planning to start using Pinterest either.