A Second Look at Google+

When Google+ launched last September, we all rolled our eyes. Another social network? Oh boy, how ground breaking… It seems a lot of people shared our sentiments, and G+ has been slow to gain traction and attention. However, a recent re-design and the launch of a few new features make it worth a second look.

We recently had the opportunity to vist Google and get the low-down on how Goggle+ can help bloggers.

Here's what we learned.

Google Plus and Fashion Bloggers

Why is G+ beneficial to fashion bloggers?

  • Circles allow them to tailor their messages to different types of fans, as well as allow for them to communicate with both their fandom and close friends/family all in one place.
  • Hangouts and Hangouts on Air will allow them the chance to get personal with their fans and interact with them on a more intimate level.
  • Search Plus Your World and Authorship will increase their visibility right from Google search, which most everyone uses as their primary source of information.
  • +1s allow them the ability to see what individual fans are interested in more specifically, while Ripples let bloggers know how and where their content is being shared and what is being said about it.

How does G+ differ from Facebook?

Unlike Facebook which is very much a social destination, Google+ acts as a social layer over the web. Google+ is the integration of all Google products, and will only grow to become more spectacular from this point on. Their unique features including Hangouts and Circles, are also a major point of differentiation.

What are the best practices for bloggers on G+?

  • Interact with other bloggers on G+. This will help you to spread the word about your own G+ presence.
  • Add the badge to your blog and link your blog & other web properties to your G+ under the “Contributor to” section, under “About.” Adding the badge to your website and utilizing your Google+ will grant you authorship.
  • Post unique content, often.

Do you use Google+? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments!

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12 Responses

  1. Andrea

    I LOVE Google +. Now, I have to admit that most of my friends aren’t active on the space (they haven’t really experimented with it much), but my family is spread out all over the US and we are in touch all of the time via our Google+ circle without broadcasting it to everyone else.

    Google Hangouts are awesome and so easy to use that my Mom hops into them without any issues. It keeps us connected! If more people experimented with Hangouts they’d be hooked! It’s really easy and you can see everyone at once. Nothing beats it. If more of my blogger buddies were in the space, it would make it even better. Great endorsement of the product.

  2. Jane

    I was on it for a while, the problem is noone else really was. Everyone I know is on Facebook and I don’t have time to pioneer a new social site and work on my website and blog. Didn’t really end up being worth my time.

  3. Nnenna

    I currently use Google+, but I’m still not sure if I’m using it correctly! It’s hard to gauge how worthwhile it is because I find that not a ton of blogs are on it and people are not as interactive as they are on other platforms. I don’t know if that’s just me?

    I do really like the idea of utilizing the hangout feature for my blog, but I haven’t tried it out yet!

  4. Meia

    My main issue with Google+, or Google in general, is the lack of privacy. I mean: basically they see everything you do. They even read your mails ‘to make everything better’. Yes, I google something or mail anything with my Gmail and suddenly I get different ads on YouTube. Coincidence? Didn’t think so.
    And well, my phone already is one big Google machine.
    At least Tumblr is still on the good side.

  5. Annching

    I love google+. Only reason why I’m on Facebook more is because there are just more people there. Feature-wise, google+ is amazing. I know there are a lot more men on it as well, but I can definitely see a shift coming!

  6. Jenn Staz

    I will use Google Plus more when it becomes easier. The Google+ iPhone app is really difficult to use especially when posting links. As soon as their API gets better I will use it more… and when people actually start using it. All I’m doing now is linking my new posts! Twitter is still my favorite for blogger and reader networking.

  7. Ana

    I’m still not feeling it.

    There a general social-network fatigue and G+ doesn’t seem to be offering anything really new and useful.

  8. Sophie

    I think google+ is fantastic! None of my friends are willing to switch over yet; but you wait.. in a year or even less i feel- everybody will be with it! I hope its the new facebook. It’s as though facebook, skype and twitter all came together at the same time 😉

  9. Heather Fonseca

    The only people who seem to want to connect with me on google, or add me to their circles or whatever, are guys from India. I’m a middle aged married woman living in California. Why do these people want to follow me? It’s just weird.

    Nope, I’m still not feeling google plus.

  10. Prettygreentea

    I think G+ is very handy. I like that I can have all my friends, bloggers work contacts and people of interest in one place but only share certain information with circles of people who I think will be interestes.

    I find that G+ is good for bloggers because you can chat and share information very easily but also keep the rest of your life private.

  11. Rita

    I like it but have found it hard to find other bloggers so it’s difficult to connect. Also, many of my followers are on facebook instead…