Style With Staying Power: 5 Ways to Make Outfit Posts Sticky

This is the second in a 4-part post series brought to you by ASOS Fashion Finder, dedicated to helping you showcase and promote your personal style through photography, social media and smart spending. [See Part 1 here]

Now that we’ve covered the basics of photographing your personal style, let’s kick things up a notch. In this heavily-saturated fashion blogging market, it seems like outfit posts are a dime a dozen. Now, that doesn’t mean that yours aren’t special or fantastic, it just means that your audience is fickle. To help your outfit posts gain traction, become more sharable and give them some serious “staying power mojo” – try one of the below techniques on your next post. Here’s the thing:  People read your blog because they want to see what you’re wearing, but more importantly, they want to see and imagine how what you’re wearing could be applied to their lives. We’re self-centered creatures by nature, so tapping into your reader’s desire to please themselves as well as get their fashion fix is the best of both worlds.

Here Are IFB’s 5 Best Tricks For Making Your Outfit Posts Sticky

1. Try a “Get The Look” post using celebrity style inspiration

Even if you’re not a celebrity style hound yourself, many blog readers are. Celebrity-centric sites like People StyleWatch, Go Fug Yourself and Coco Perez are insanely popular, and there’s no reason you can’t funnel some of that attention your way. Troll these sites for outfits that look a) like something you’d wear b) easy to recreate or re-imagine with items in your closet and c) are easily shopable for your readers. You can spin a post like this many ways; from the vintage Hollywood looks of Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot to the current style of Rachel Bilson or Kate Middleton. Here’s why this works: Celebrity names (plus the word “style”) are highly searched online, and have staying power even when your post drops of your front page.

2. Create a post series centering around how to dress for specific events

Think about the different occasions, parties and celebrations when your readers could use style advice. Show them styling options for dressing up as a guest for a wedding. Share your best tips and looks for a job interview. How about a first date, a baby shower, brunch with the in-laws, or traveling by airplane? There are innumerable event options as well as ways to personalize posts like this. You can include make up tips, do's and don'ts, personal anecdotes – you name it. Just remember that as with all things, it’s better to show than to tell, so get dressed and illustrate the looks yourself. This works because occasions that occur repeatedly for a variety people will always be handy and appealing to your growing audience. Make sure posts like these can be easily searched and located within your blog (use tags)!

3. Remix one versatile item in your closet as many ways as you can

Three ways to wear a pencil skirt. Day-to-night with one dress. Ten ways to tie a scarf. There are literally thousands of ways to do an outfit post like this. These kinds of posts combine two of the Internet’s favorite kinds of titles: “How Tos” and anything with numbers. Creating such a post takes more time and effort, usually multiple changes and photo shoots. It’ll be worth your while though, because while you’re showing off your amazing styling skills, you’re also inspiring and educating your readers.


4. Include a DIY project and show it off

Granted, you’ve gotta be a little crafty for this type of post, but no matter your skill level, DIY projects are fun, and becoming increasingly popular in the blogosphere! You can find all kinds of inspiration from popular DIY blogs like Honestly WTF, I Spy DIY, P.S. I Made This… and Stripes & Sequins, but you’ll find the most success (and earn points for originality) by putting your own spin on a project. Distress your own denim, make some jewelry inspired by a designer piece, the possibilities are endless! DIY projects have staying power because they easily go viral, are fun to share, and invite your readers to take action and make something themselves.


5. Use your SEO skills to make post titles super-searchable

Along with changing up the content of your outfit posts and making them a bit more rich, you can also tweak your posts titles to increase their sharability, searchability and staying power on the worldwide web. Think about what your outfit represents: Is it an example of a key trend? Does it demonstrate the perfect way to wear a specific item? Include popular keywords in your post title, for example “Rocking this Spring’s Hottest Trend: Floral Jeans” or “The Perfect Way To Wear A Little Black Dress.” These are not the most original ideas, but you get the idea. There are certain words (ie: trends, spring, skinny jeans) that search engine robots grab onto. Read magazines and popular fashion news sites to tap into what’s trending online right now, and how they use headlines to grab your attention. (For more tips on SEO, read this.)

[Image credits: Saucy Glossie, I Spy DIY, Ashes Into Fashion.]

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22 Responses

  1. Jane

    I have to do #1. I have done them before with a polyvore set but I think doing them with you as the “real world” example will make them even more popular.

  2. Tessa B

    GREAT POST!! I will def be trying the one item-multiple styles and some DIY projects pretty soon here!!


  3. debi c

    i think i need to start using polyvore..i didn’t really think i need it..but it gives an idea of how good you are at styling even when you don’t exactly have all the stuff ..

  4. Kashara

    These are really great tips:) I’ve been trying to figure out ways to freshen up my outfit posts to be less redundant.

  5. Taylah Lewis

    I’m only 14 but i know fashion journalism/ blogging is something i really want to do! Thanks for providing these tips, it’s educated me into how it all works!

  6. Charley Helfet

    Interesting tips. Slightly surprised at the bit in part 4 that says DIY projects go viral easily. I struggle like hell to get followers and even hits for my blog, even though it’s pretty much purely DIY. Granted I haven’t really used outfit photo posting sites like Lookbook before, so maybe that’s the trick I’m missing?

  7. Heather Fonseca

    Great post and really good ideas. I especially like the celebrity style idea as it’s something I never do, but maybe I should!

  8. Maria V @CrashingRed

    What a great post!!! I was thinking of doing a post “How to style {something} 3 ways”… and DIY projects – agree 100%, they are always the best traffic magnets!


  9. Liza Lopez

    I love this post, is so useful for beginners like me, with those tips i feel more confident to improve my skills and become a successful blogger step by step. Thanks xo

  10. J's Everyday Fashion

    I think the best advice for not making your outfit posts a dime a dozen, is by not making your outfit post a dime a dozen! All 5 of these strategies are already heavily saturated niches in blogging. Why take on DIY projects when so many bloggers are already doing that? The surest way to success in my opinion is by doing your research, seeing what others are doing, and then doing something totally different. Most people starting out seem to emulate the bloggers they like, or the niches (such as DIY) that they like. But a new niche, a new spin, something not on this list, that is a winning strategy for an amazing blog in my book! 🙂

  11. urban thriftologee

    great post. But I was wondering how to do what you suggested ie. celeb style & yoru take. Do you use polyvore to get the format layout ?? Thats what I am trying to figure out.