Hot Mama: Here’s To All The Fabulous Women Who Raised Us!

Mother's Day is on Sunday, and it's got all of us at IFB feeling a bit reflective. Many of us don't live near our moms anymore, so we send cards, flowers, spa gift certificates… The usual. Being the internet-savvy crew that we are, we wanted our celebration of mothers to be a bit more, well, internet-y. We've pulled together some of our favorite mother-related gems from blogs, bloggers, Twitter and beyond!

We asked some of you in the community to share what you've learned from your mom:

“Always be your own person; follow the beat of your own drum – on your look, your style, BUT know what looks best on your body type. And oh yeah, if something isn't flattering to my figure -CLAUDIA DINARDO WILL LET IT BE KNOWN! I've taken her advice, but found a softer approach to guide friends and loved ones toward looks that are more complimentary to their figures. :)”Julia Dinardo, Fashion Pulse Daily

“Well, My mom raised 7 kids, mostly on her own. She is a strong woman and has come a long way. I am the woman I am today because of her. As cliche this sounds she is my best friend. She knows when to be there for as a mother and friend. Even when we go shopping, she always knows what she's talking about. In fashion she has been a huge inspiration. She's done every trend out now. I keep a scrapbook of her looks. My family definitely see's a lot of my mom on my blog. She's the greatest!”Delmy Rivera, Fashion Bananas

“If you feel good you look good! Whenever you get dressed each day, dress for yourself! That's something my mom would always tell me. Don't dress for anyone else but yourself and above all have fun!”Kimberly Pesch, Eat Sleep Wear

@truequeeninc: To always look good when you step out because you never know who you'll run into on the street!

@StyleInked: She told me its more important to feel beautiful than just look beautiful.

Great Mother's Day reads to inspire and make you smile:


We want to know, what's the best advice your mom ever gave you? Did she give you style advice you still believe in today? Or perhaps pearls of wisdom on the ways of the world? Share in the comments below!


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  1. Sara Neely

    My style-savvy mom taught me what every girl should splurge on and to save on the rest:

    – A classic fitted white button-down collared skirt
    – A black knee-length pencil skirt
    – A pair of comfortable black closed-toe high heels (no higher than 4 inches)
    – A pearl necklace that hits just below your collar bone
    – Chanel No. 5… always.
    – A tube of red lipstick that stays put and makes you feel confident
    – A medium size designer purse in a neutral color with no obvious indication of the label or designer
    – A fashionable pair of sunglasses that are equal parts functional and fabulous that fit your face shape
    – A piece of jewelry passed down through your family (I have a long silver David Yurman heart pendant- the heart twists off and holds perfume!) that can always start a conversation

    I’m lucky the have a mother her knows her style and gave me unlimited access to her closet and jewelry box as a child! Thanks, Mom!

  2. Martha

    My Mom always told me “wear the clothes that make you feel pretty”…
    And I’ve been doing that ever since.
    If I’m wearing it, that means I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled to my reflection 😉

  3. Shreyasi Sharma

    My mother always told me to not follow latest fashion trends but to have my own sense of style.
    Also, to have few quality pieces than many cheap ones.