IFB Project #47: Show Us Your May Flowers

Even though it's kind of cheesy, whenever May arrives I always think of that old adage, “April showers bring May flowers.” And while global warming (or whatever you might want to blame this unseasonably warm spring on) brought out the flowers a bit early, and graced us with a lack of showers – there was no shortage of them in our closets. From jeans to shirts, dresses to shoes, cell phone cases and sunglasses – there's not one thing you wont find in floral lately. And I'll admit: I like it.

IFB Project #47: Show Us Your May Flowers

Put together a post that exemplifies your favorite way to wear the floral trend. Do you rock floral skinny jeans? What about an Aloha-print dress? You could wear flowers in your hair, even! You can make florals sweet and soft or punchy and bright – we want to see it all. There are so many ways to style this trend, so get creative!

Please note: We imagine many of you have posted about florals in the past on your blog, but don't back date us too much. We will not post any selections dating before April 1st. Thank you, and get to posting!

ALSO: Next week, we are moving the project post to Saturdays! We'll be tweeting and Facebooking to let you know, so keep an eye out next weekend!

[Image credit: ELLE France]

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