Cool Start-Up To Watch: I Like What You’re Wearing

Along with being the founder of I Like What You're Wearing, Olivia Gossett also holds the title, Director of ‘Ness. It's a concept she came up with to encapsulate what her less-than-two-week-old publication is all about. She wants to “save the [fashion] industry from its stagnant state of Same.”


In 2010, Gossett launched a blog to shine some light on a oft neglected facet of the fashion industry: rising and local designers. She felt there should be a bridge between getting press for these designers that could translate to sales. Thus, the concept of I Like What You're Wearing (ILWYW) – a click-to-buy online magazine featuring rising designers across the United States – was born.

Ten months in the making, ILWYW launched just a couple of weeks ago, and has already been featured in Forbes. Gossett and her team run the company out of a sleek space in the heart of the Garment District In New York City – a fitting location for a company that's passionate about changing not only how we shop but who we shop from.

“You become more interesting when what you're wearing is interesting,” says Gossett.

When you visit the ILWYW magazine, you're greeted with color-rich images that illustrate each article, written by a contributing blogger. (Yes, bloggers like you!) Pieces from each editorial can be shopped right out of the story, but you can also shop by designer or product.

The site currently features a dozen designers, with pieces ranging from about $200 to $500. The company hopes that by bringing together under-the-radar designers of with the sleek aspects of a fashion publication and the click-to-buy concept of e-commerce – ILWYW can revolutionize the way we (the consumer) look at fashion. Says Gossett, “We want to make editorial style accessible.”

While the site is still in it's infancy,  ILWYW's Managing Director Alexandra Wachtel says social media is already a key component of their marketing strategy. “As we build this community of ILWYW and its movement for rising fashion it is imperative that we keep in mind those who foster the growth, and there is no better way to keep track than through the social media channels,” says Wachtel.

While fostering the awareness and sales for designers, ILWYW is also supporting (and paying) writers and bloggers to produce their content. Gossett says they currently reach out to bloggers whom they think would be a good fit, then wait to find a story that matches their style and voice. (If you would like to be considered to contribute to ILWYW, you can shoot an email to: Alexandra (at)ILWYW(dot)com.)

What are your thoughts on this start-up's concept? Do you think consumers will be able to step away from popular stores, brands and designers and embrace this grassroots movement towards supporting rising and local designers?

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7 Responses

  1. Jade

    That’s such a great idea! I love it! It’s similar to the direction I want my new business (online clothing store) to go eventually – focusing on local designers so more people can see their amazing clothing that are being created xx

  2. Ana

    Will it go global?
    I mean, globally local 🙂 ?

    If they branch out of the US/anglophone world, I know just the designers for them: Ana Ljubinkovic, for starters.

  3. Paige

    Yes this is great! I think more people need to look to new and upcoming designers more often!