Members Only: Style Blogger Networks Demystified


Earlier this week we breached the topic of whether blogging has lost its community. While the sense of community may need a shot in the arm, there's been a spike in destination communities, or networks of blogs brought together under an umbrella site that benefits bloggers and advertisers alike.

Can any blogger join a network? Which networks are invite-only, and which can you apply to? How many members do they have? How can bloggers benefit? Can you make money by joining a network? Below you'll find the scoop on some of the top female and fashion and beauty-based blogger networks. Keep in mind that these networks are different than affiliate networks (which you can read all about, here.)



  • Size: 3,000 contributing female bloggers in an array of topics
  • Notable members in fashion & beauty: The Citizen RosebudVeronika's Blushing
  • Advertising option: Yes.
  • Perks: Syndicated content that reaches 37 million women per month; payment through revenue share
  • You can learn what kind of bloggers BlogHer is looking for here, and apply here.

Glam Media

Lucky Style Collective

  • Size: 107 bloggers
  • Notable members: Nicolette Mason, Atlantic-Pacific, Brooklyn Blonde, From Me To You, Cheetah Is The New Black
  • Advertising option: Yes.
  • Perks: Revenue sharing through advertising, syndicated content on and potential features in the print magazine, potential for paid opportunities with brands
  • Inside scoop: “Lucky has a page in the magazine where they feature different bloggers from the network every month.  It's pretty cool because essentially, the featured bloggers get to actually write for the magazine.  They also frequently feature members from the network on their site.  One of my DIYs was featured on their website recently, which sent me a ton of traffic that day” – Grace, Stripes & Sequins
  • Success Story: Lauren Friedman of My Closet in Sketches sent Brandon Holley, Editor in chief, a thank you note regarding the Lucky Style Collective in her traditional illustrating style that Brandon loved so much she hired Lauren as an illustrator for the magazine. – (as told by John Jannuzzi)
  • You can apply here.

Glamour's Young & Posh Network

  • Size: 23 bloggers
  • Notable members: Cupcakes & Cashmere, The Glamourai, Sea of Shoes, and Style Bubble
  • Advertising option: No
  • Perks: Syndicated content on (brings in more traffic), potential to submit paid content
  • Inside scoop: “I have the option to pitch and write exclusive paid content for Glamour. It's also great that they syndicate my content which opens up my blog to a lot of potential new readers.” – Gabi, GabiFresh
  • You can't apply to join, but you can submit a look or find to their Slaves To Fashion tips here.

The StyleList Network

  • Size: 39 bloggers
  • Notable members: Advanced Style, Trop Rouge, Saucy Glossie and What I Wore
  • Advertising option: Yes.
  • Perks: Lots of contribution opportunities, syndicated content on as well as Huffington Post style, event invites and revenue share through advertising.
  • Inside scoop: My personal blog is part of the Stylelist Network, and I have seen massive traffic spikes and sustained growth from syndicated posts through the Huffington Post and I also get revenue through advertising in my sidebar.” – Taylor, Shut up, I love that shirt on you
  • To apply to join the network, you can send an email to stylelistnetwork[at]huffingtonpost[dot]com

TeenVogue's Fashion Click


Smaller, Exclusive Networks:


This portal brings together some of the biggest style blogs out there (BryanBoy and Fashion Toast) with fashion editor blogs (Mr. Blasberg and Anna Dello Russo) and more, to form a super-site that was just recently purchased by Fairchild Fashion Media.


We reported on FELLT, a new Australian blogger network a few weeks ago that brings together powerhouse personal style blogs like Gary Pepper Vintage, Zanita and Tuula.

Bazaar Australia Style Network

 Also based in Australia, this blogger network publishes posts from the popular style blogs Down Under like Harper & Harley, a pair & a spare, 4th and bleeker, and ANNIIIEEMAL.

Are you part of a blogger network (besides IFB, of course)? Why or why not? Share your experiences and opinions in the comments!


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30 Responses

  1. Shermika

    We are a part of BlogHer and hopefully will be a part of more in the future. Right now, we are focusing on growing our blog and aspire to be featured in the pages of a magazine one day.

  2. Eileen

    I’m surprised Glam isn’t here. They’re a HUGE network and were around before many of the ones stated here (perhaps with the exception of BlogHer but don’t quote me).

    • taylordavies

      Thanks for pointing that out Eileen, I’ve usually categorized glam as more of an ad network, but have added it!

  3. Aves Gry

    I am not part of any other blogger network sites (other than IFB) right now but I hope to be in the future. Right now, I am just focus on finding my ‘niche’ and what I hope my blog would become.

    xoxo, Aves Gry

  4. kaitlyn

    Great list! Hadn’t heard of many of them! is a community of almost 300 strong now!! #BloggersUnite!

  5. Jade

    This is so handy to know! I only knew about Nowmanifest, Fellt and Harpers Bazaar. Thanks for the info IFB xx

  6. Bella Q

    Great post on an important aspect of blogging- networks! IFB is one I always recommend to others, and yes, BlogHer but Blog_Trends is new and has been quite invaluable in information regarding blog tips and in building community.

    Thanks for the mention above, by the way. xo – Bella Q

    • taylordavies

      Not a dumb question at all Morgan! Many bloggers are in multiple networks, it just depends on what each one requires or if they have rules in that regard.

  7. Sharon

    I love Blogher especially since it is such a diverse network. I belong and I will be attending the upcoming conference.
    I recently learned of a new network for style bloggers of color, which I appreciate since many of these networks/communities (with the exception of Blogher) tend to overlook . . . bloggers of color.

  8. Chrissy

    This is a great article. Where can we submit the best blog post of the week to IFB?
    Thanks. xx Chrissy

  9. Raquel

    I belong to BlogHer publishing & I was very happy to learn about other publishing networks. While I feel no one needs a publishing network it does have its perks. Personally BlogHer doesn’t bring in a lot of revenue for me (I can make more selling my own ads) & I get a good amount of traffic. But the network does have its perks & opportunities can come up from it. I also like knowing that my blog is being constantly monitored/watched by the publishing agency. I’m going to check out these other networks now!

  10. Erica

    I’ve been sent a contract from Glam Media thats quite overwhelming. Does anyone have any experience with them that they can fill me in on? What are the benefits? What does the contract restrict?

    • Megan

      I’m on glam, and I love it, however the contract is quite tricky and you have to sign for a year and wait 120 after each month of earnings ends to get paid.

  11. kate

    I am not part of a blogger network but have been seeing alot of bloggers got onto those destination networks as mentioned. After reading this article, I am considering applying for some of them. But, I will go and do more research first. #smile.jpg

    In the meantime though, I have to work hard on my blog and find my calling in the fashion sense of things.

    Thanks for this writeup. 🙂

  12. Charley Helfet

    I got turned down by BlogHer (well, didn’t qualify) frustratingly because my blog was from the platform. Is there a way to remedy that without upping sticks and completeley starting from scratch?

    • carlyjcais

      Hi Charley!
      Migrate your blog from to self-hosted Themes, plugins etc. are often the same, the interface is the same, and it’s not a huge change (just a bit of a hassle in terms of registering if you don’t have your own domain yet.) You do have to find a hosting company and purchase a hosting plan, pay for the domain, and then pay for any extras that aren’t included in your plan (like DNR privacy).
      The export tool from is super-easy to use; you just hit “export,” download your blog as an XML file, then in your self-hosted dashboard, upload the XML file and voila! All your posts, photos, comments, everything. As long as your XML file isn’t over 6 MB (though the limit may have increased since when I did it a year ago), this method should work for you!
      Best of luck:-)

  13. Charley Helfet

    Also @Taylor, I tried the Lucky link and they were asking for things like legal information and to copy and paste my site’s privacy policy. My site’s a personally owned blog, so do I use general WordPress privacy policy stuff? Leaving it blank didn’t appear to be an option. Is that a hint in itself that I’m too small a fry?

  14. Amena {Fashionopolis}

    This is such a brilliant idea. I would love to be a part of it. My question is: All these website’s are US based. Are they open to bloggers from other countries as contributors? I am from India and I would love to be a part of a few. Thanks.

  15. Asma from Haute Muslimah

    I’m a part of the Lucky Style Collective. It definitely has it’s perks, including some great ads and being featured in the magazine. However, they do only feature a few bloggers each month so you just have to wait your turn. They also do a great job of including bloggers and posts into their website.

  16. Kelsi

    I own and operate Two Point Oh! LA (

    We’re a localized network (Los Angeles area) with 120 members (with a whopping collective reach of around 5 million!)

    We mainly focus on the community aspects – which is why we started (I’m a blogger myself and there was a distinct lack of community amongst us before we started)

    Four times a year we do major events, every month we do a smaller dinner or lunch and we provide our members with opportunities and unique experiences with brands from sponsored posts, advertising, gifting programs and events.

    We’ve been around since early 2010 and I think, I hope, our members get a lot out of it.

    To join you have to a fashion, style or beauty blogger, have been blogging for at least three months, and post regular, good quality content.

    • Travelle

      I love the idea of potentially joining a network in the future. Is your network open to menswear fashion bloggers?

  17. cylia

    Great selection! It’s great to hear about other blogger networks and what they’re up to.

    I’m part of an international bloggers project called: Bloggers Wardrobe. It’s founded by Swedish advertising agency Studio Total and brand communications agency Dirty Butterfly. They worked with clients and brands such as H&M, Louis Vuitton, Swedish House Mafia en Kanon Organic Vodka. Bloggers Wardrobe is their biggest project to date. A couple of the participating brands are Gestuz, Finsk, Bjorn Borg, Tiger of Sweden and Minimarket. Instead of pushing the products on bloggers, Bloggers Wardrobe created a webshop with an exclusive set of products.

    A selective group of bloggers can pick whatever they like, for free. The reason why I chose to be a part of BW is because I get to keep my individuality of my blog and journalistic integrity.

  18. Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco

    Awesome list of blogger networks! One that is missing from the list is the Latina & Latino Lifestyle Bloggers Collective, which is a curated community of more than 280 bloggers that blog more than 70% original lifestyle topics. Our combined reach is more than 20 million a month, and growing! We have worked with various brands, including Macy’s, Milani Cosmetics, and several others. We also produce Lifestyle-focused boutique blogger conference in Los Angeles each April, and one spa/retreat event in the fall. Lastly, we believe that by collaborating we can extend and grow our reach. Our current partnerships include Blogging While Brown, Blog Trends, So Cal Lady Bloggers and Fit Fluential. To apply for membership, Latino & Latina Lifestyle bloggers can find us here: You can also find us on Twitter by following #llblog and our community handle: @latinalifestyle

  19. Travelle

    I know that Glam Media has a segment that caters to men’s interest blogs. Anyone know of any other networks that offer representation to male/menswear fashion bloggers?