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BeachMint is the umbrella company that houses the social commerce brands StyleMint, BeautyMintShoeMint, JewelMint and most recently, HomeMint. Each brand has a speciality, and pieces are created in collaboration with celebrities like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jessica Simpson, Kate Bosworh, Rachel Bilson and Justin Timberlake. With such big names paired with their brands, it's not a surprise that they've been wildly successful, and have plans for more ‘Mints in the works. Beyond their celebrity cachet, the brands are also heavily invested in their relationships with bloggers (including I Spy DIY, Cupcakes and Cashmere, 9 to 5 Chic and Glitter Guide). We talked to Ara Katz, the Head of Content and Partnerships at BeachMint to find out more.

Can you tell us about BeachMint’s overall thoughts on social media in the fashion and e-comm industry?

For us, social media touches just about everything including aquisition, marketing, engagement, community and brand-building. Each channel serves a different purpose. They are the amplifier of our voice and the message we want to put out. We have one of the most successful Facebook commerce stores on the internet, as well as a large presence on Youtube (StyleMint, Jewelmint, BeautyMint channels) – they’re the heart of our business. We call ourselves a social commerce business, and so believe social media to be one of the most import tennants of our business.

How big is your social media team?

We have a specific team that handles our overall social media strategy, but they  work carefully with each of the brands teams as needed, depending on the channel. Our social media is extremely integrated with all other aspects of our business as well.

What are the daily activities of BeachMint’s social media (or digital marketing) team?

Our team handles everything from coordinating editorial posts, the sneek-peaking of products and releasing of various products. It's a lot of group coordination, scheduling and being careful and respectful on each platform of how we time each post. The balance is very crucial because each platform has practices that work and dont work. Because social media is crucial to our business, it’s so much more than just managing posts. Each brand has its own voice. What we find is that we have a different audience for each “Mint,” and though there is an overlap, the tone of the content and the voice changes for each one.

In what capacity do you work with bloggers?

We work with bloggers in many different capacities! From guest stylists to reviews, as well as affiliate advertising. It’s kind of self-selccting, but as in a relationship, how we work with a blogger can evolve with time. It’s not too hard because the nature of each blog helps determine what kind of content is right. Sometimes it’s a really rich deal because a blogger's audience makes sense with our content, and sometimes it's more of a financial or revenue-based relationship. Some bloggers just love fashion and love what they do, and are happy to support the brand and the product.

What value do you think blogger collaborations have to a brand, as compared to traditional marketing?

I love working with bloggers because the blogosphere  democratizes media to a certain extent. As a storyteller, I love that with social media you can build your own audience. These young women who are really great content creators are leveling the playingfield in media! A placement or project on a blog doesn't produce the same traffic as say the Yahoo! homepage, but someone with one millionth of that traffic (like a blogger) might have much better conversion rate. Bloggers are very valuable because they are really trusted voices among our consumers; they’re intimate and accessible and have a really great perspective that other women actually listen to. We believe in a very wholistic model, so traditional marketing is also very important. With any good Internet company, it's about testing to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Do you have any tips for bloggers looking to engage with brands? How can they make themselves more attractive to brands?

Be as special, and as original as you can. An audience will always find good content, and thats how you build a loyal following. A relationship that starts organically, perhaps by reviewing a product then building up to engaging in other ways is usually the most rewarding for our brand and for the blogger.

Do you shop any of the ‘Mints? Let us know what you think about these brands and how they engage with bloggers in comments!J

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  1. Brittiny

    I actually did a collab with the jewelmint division of beachmint. For each person that signed up I got some compensation. It went pretty well!

  2. Jenn Staz

    I personally love Jewelmint but haven’t worked with them. However, I have noticed they do a really great job with customer service and social media… Beachmint is a really smart company! I’m excited to see what they come up with next. I would LOVE to see a ‘mint on scarves or small bags 🙂

  3. maria


    I am regular viewer of this awesome site in this post each model have wearing designer jewelry, the article of (social media in the fashion and e-comm industry)is awesome, in my eyes today scenario fashion industry follow the social media for brand promotion…