IFB Project #48: Summer Style Kick Off!

We are but a mere week away from the official start of summer. If you're a student – you're ready to toss your books to the back of your closet and either relax or jump right into a job or internship. If you're already working, well, nothing much is going to change except that you'll want to be out of the office even more than usual.

The season of sun hats, sandals, sarongs and salt water is almost upon us – but is your closet ready? Maybe you need a fabulous and breezy new dress, or the perfect oversize sunglasses. Whatever is on your summer shopping list – we want to know!

IFB Project #48: Summer Style Kick Off!

Create a post that breaks down your summer style and beauty essentials. Do you have an amazing self-tanner we all need to try? Is there a secret source of beach-perfect straw hats?  Use magazine images, collaging tools and listed links to share all your best summer style tips and products with your audience. As usual we'll pick our 10 favorite submissions and post them for our community on Wednesday (just in time for last minute Memorial Day purchase)! Have fun, get creative and use that SPF 30!


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  1. Auie

    ngaaw.. it’s hard being in another side of the world. summer won’t come til 7 more months… enjoy your summer guys!! 😀