Take A Digital Summer Road Trip with IFB


Grab your favorite gadget and follow Independent Fashion Blogger's exclusive cross-country Instagram road trip


Embark on the blogging community’s ultimate summer escapade with Independent Fashion Blogger’s (IFB) “Day in the Life” Instagram campaign, a virtual summer road trip that gives Instagram users the chance to explore the country through the eyes of their favorite digital personalities.

Making virtual pit-stops in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC and New York City, each selected blogger will share five original photos on the IFB Instagram account. With a different featured blogger each day, the “Day in the Life’ campaign will highlight the diverse voices and personalities that can be found within the nation’s digital space. Each photo will be posted on the @_IFB instagram account and will be shared with both IFB’s and the participating blogger’s social media community.

Follow each blogger’s Instagram postings with this posting schedule and the #DayintheLife dedicated hashtag:

5/28/2012: Mollie Ruiz-Hopper, www.MollieInSeattle.com, @MollieInSeattle
5/29/2012: Whitney Powell & Brittany Hebb, www.BrittandWhit.com, @BrittandWhit
5/30/2012: Erin Hiemstra, www.Apartment34.com, @Apartment_34
5/31/2012: Tara McNulty, www.TheWonderGirl.com, @TaraDear
6/01/2012: Lauren Wickman, www.LAintheBay.com, @LAintheBay / @CallMeLoLo
6/02/2012: Krystal Bick, www.ThisTimeTomorrow-Krystal.blogspot.com @Krystal_Bick
6/03/2012: Natalie Goel, www.LikeFreshLaundry.com, @NatalieGoel
6/04/2012: Samantha Hutchinson, www.CouldIHaveThat.Blogspot.com, @CouldIHaveThat
6/05/2012: Mara Ferreira, www.MLovesM.Blogspot.com, @MaraFerreira
6/06/2012: Bradley Agather, www.LuellaJune.com, @Bagather
6/07/2012: Sarah Faye, www.LivingGoldie.com, @goldie_locks
6/08/2012: Jennifer King, www.IfIMustSaySo.com, @birdflygood
6/09/2012: Allyson Noriega, www.AllysoninWonderland.com, @AllysoninWonderland
6/10/2012: Audrey Huber, www.ALovelyEscape.Blogspot.com. @MissAudMarie
6/11/2012: Amy Creyer, www.ChicagoStreetStyle.com, @ChiStreetStyle
6/12/2012: Cait Weingartner, www.PrettyandFun.com, @PrettyandFun
6/13/2012: Megan Gilger, www.TheFreshExchangeBlog.com, @hitchdesign
6/14/2012: Elise Yetton, www.PennyweightOnline.com, @Pennyweight
6/15/2012: Jessica Nell Graves, www.TheLoveList.net, @thelovelist
6/18/2012: Jewel Hazelton, www.EatDrinkShopLove.com, @Eatdrinkshoplove
6/19/2012: Meg Biram, www.MimiandMegBlog.com, @MegBiram
6/20/2012: Molly and Sally Miller, www.APieceofToast.com, @apieceoftoast
6/21/2012: Lacey Maffettone, www.ALaceyPerspective.com, @laceperspective
6/22/2012: Alison Coglianese, www.ChainStrapPurse.com, @AllyCog
6/23/2012: Sarah Morgan Shepherd, www.HemenwayStreet.com, @HemenwayStreet
6/25/2012: Laura Ellner, www.OnTheRacks.com, @ontheracks
6/26/2012: Erika Sheffer, www.StyleActivist.com, @styleactivist
6/27/2012: Lauren Brenner, www.EveryDayToRunway.com, @Everyday_Runway
6/28/2012: Sarah Lederman, www.ChevronandStripes.com, @Chevronsarah
6/29/2012: Caroline Knapp, www.SweetCarolineintheCity.com, @CarolineinCity
6/30/2012: Jinna Yang, www.GreaseandGlamour.com, @GreaseandGlamour


Which blogger are you most excited to see? Do notice a blogger on that list that represents your hometown? We are so excited to have all these lovely ladies join this campaign and hope you love it too!

Don't forget – the campaign starts May 28, 2012 over here with the #DayInTheLife hashtag!


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13 Responses

  1. jewelraz

    wow, many cities are involved with this program, very good indeed. Hope it will be a good road trip.

  2. Mollie Ruiz-Hopper

    So excited to be participating in this! Thank you for the fun opportunity, I can’t wait to follow along with all the other awesome bloggers!

  3. sahra

    SO excited for this! If you need anyone for other states, I’ll be traveling in July (which I see isn’t up there!) to Maine (on the beach, ooh la la) and an East Coast tour at the end of July from Boston, to Providence, to NYC, Virginia, the carolinas….etc! <3

    XO Sahra

  4. Alexa

    What a sham! I saw This Time Tomorrow’s feed for this..Ugghhh! And I am sure now, most of the photos will be just self obsessed bloggers posting their shoes,accessories and cupcake close ups. (Really!! Is this roadtrip/a day in life??) No wonder society thinks (mostly) of fashion bloggers as stupid pretty girls equipped to do nothing better with their English majors and other useless degrees!
    I am sure this post will be deleted by the ‘offended’ talents!