3 Social Media Updates You Need To Know About Today

Perhaps at this very moment you're moaning and groaning, “Ohhh no, not more changes!” I hear you loud and clear, but don't worry. These are mostly good updates that will improve the way you and your blog interact with three of the most important social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

1. Facebook has released an app specifically for pages: It's now much easier to post photos and stories to your blog's fan page from your mobile phone, as well as check up on the metrics. This means that you can monitor your page, add images and links on the go. We're excited that it's going to be easier to send updates to fans from anywhere – but please, don't get too liberal with it! (Read more about the app here.)

2. Lyst Launches Sale Alerts for Pinterest: Social platform Lyst has tapped into an interesting component of the Pinterest: now, if you link your Pinterest and Lyst accounts, you can receive an instant notification when any items you've pinned from any online retailer site go on sale. If you use Pinterest to keep track of potential purchases, this tool is for you.

3. Twitter updated their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: Twitter has updated it's privacy policy. Most importantly by clarifying the type of information they collect from their users (get all the details here). They have also updated their suggestions tool to allow it to follow you to sites with twitter plug-ins and tailor their suggested users around your on-line behavior. But never fear – they've also implemented a Do Not Track feature, in case you don't want the fail whale on your tail. (Get details here.)


 There you go, you're all up to speed. That wasn't so bad now was it?


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