Is All This Street Style Inspiring Or Tiring?

Yesterday, IFB favorite Connie Wang wrote an interesting article for Refinery29, on the absolute explosion of street style blogs and photographers these days. As a blogger who's seen it first hand, the scene outside of Milk Studios or Lincoln Center at the height of New York Fashion Week is an absolute zoo.

Photographers vie for a good spot as editors, models, buyers, celebrities and socialites pour onto the street in outfits that were clearly selected in hopes of causing just such a frenzy. All over the Internet the next day we see photo after photo of the same looks: from the side, from below, close up, far away, waist down, from behind, just the shoes and on and on… It's turned people like Joanna Hillman (Harper's Bazaar Market Editor, below), Taylor Tomasi Hill, Anna Dello Russo and other formerly behind-the-scenes fashion folk into industry celebrities.

We pulled a particularly great quote from the article below, by 6-year street style vet, Phil Oh of Street Peeper:

Phil Oh describes the typical scene outside of a bigger NYFW show: “So there's me, Tommy, Bill, Scott, Garance, Nam, Geraldine, Hanneli, Eddie, Vanessa, Candice, Jason, Guerre, Rei, Tamu, Yvan, Joris, his Canadian friend, Kristin, Vicky, the Irish one who gives me cigarettes, the Korean boy who got mugged in Milan, Stylesight, Adam, Koo, Wataru, the other Japanese guy, creepy modelizer, old creepy modelizer, older creepier modelizer, modelizer with the terrifying teeth, Marcy, Shini, Yu, long-hair Vogue Nippon guy, Lee, tiny Japanese lady, other tiny Japanese lady, and the other other tiny Japanese lady. These are just the ones I can name off the top of my head.”

That's a lot of people, right? We recommend reading the entire article for a digestible history of street style and more insight as to why it's become so popular, and what that means for the fashion industry. Maybe it's not the amount of photographers that needs to change, but the subjects they capture?

What do you think about the surge in street style photography?  Do you think it's inspiring or tiring?

[Image credits: Daily Candy, STREETFSN, Who What Wear, Vanessa Jackman, FabSugar, and]

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12 Responses

  1. Eli

    You know, when you put all the images together, it looks like she’s being stalked! (Kind of creepy!).

  2. Fashion Agony

    If I see the same outfit in my streetstyle blog roll, I don’t even bother opening it, after all it’s the outfits we’re interested in, not the different photography angles. Great post!

  3. Amber

    Very timely post, I actually just wrote about this on my blog:
    Fashion blogging as of right now has become a bit overwhelming and a popularity contest. Street style photos are indeed inspiring but many of the subjects dress similar, are industry folk, and are shot in the same places. It would be nice to see different aspects of style shot in different places…what about shooting people into hip-hop fashion? goth fashion? Something to think about.

  4. Iris

    I think sometimes it’s inspiring but, sometimes it seems forced. I like when the style is relatable not over the top and ridiculous.

  5. Rebekah

    For me it’s all about quality. I often look at the photos for there quality of photography. True… There has been an explosion but unless you can shoot great shots your blog is really not going to go anywhere. There are only a handful in this league worth reading. Scott, Garance, Tommy, Phil, Vanessa, Lee, Nam. I don’t mind seeing the same photos from these people as they have great eyes for angles and moments in time. Hands on hips, little Tea pot, chin down is a bit boring these days

  6. Heather

    I still find it inspiring but I only read a few street style blogs.

  7. Alysa

    It is very interesting the change that has taken place in the last, I would say, three years during NYFW. I notice that people dress less like themselves and more with the intention of being photographed. It looks so forced and I usually find it very uninspiring.

  8. Emmy

    I love streetstyle photography, and can never really get tired of it, but when you do see the same people over and over again (like the one above), it becomes kinda generic. I guess that’s why I love Facehunter. Yvan takes pics of really cool people that are not necessarily famous and that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

  9. Jade

    I read this yesterday and was shocked when I saw the pic of all the photographers trying to get the shot! But I don’t actually follow any of the street style blogs so I personally don’t see that many pics of the same person unless I’m searching for something/someone specifically

  10. Wina Puangco

    The thing about this whole Street Style popularity debacle that gets me is the sincerity behind it–I think street style was inspiring in the past because of the caught-off-guard quality it had and the reason it’s become a bit passe or overwhelming is that it feels so contrived now. It feels like that isn’t just a person walking down the street and looking good–it’s someone who thought about being photographed while getting dressed this morning before walking down that street. And I suppose that’s what I don’t like about it; I really am all for genuine interest in fashion and people’s lives and the contrived nature of a lot of the street style blogs now sort of put me off. Not that I hate it–but it’s just something that no longer interests me, I suppose.