On The Go: 15 Vacation-Ready Mobile Apps

As we speak, IFB HQ may or may not be counting down the hours until the long weekend is upon us. Just because we're going to be out off the office and in the sunshine (hopefully), doesn't mean we want to lose all knowledge of what's going on online. Of course we want to tune out for a while, but when it's time to get back in the know, we certainly don't want to stop everything, grab our computer and be stuck at home or even inside at all.

Which is why we are ever-so grateful for our trusty smartphones and iPads. We don't know how we'd survive without them or our 15 favorite apps that keep us connected without actually being connected. You know what we mean? Be sure to download these before you hit the road for this long holiday weekend.

Top Apps for Bloggers

Here are the 15 apps that keep us tuned in and entertained when we're on the go!


  • We know, we're obsessed. Think about it this way, though: when you get home after a long day, weekend or vacation full of amazing insta-snaps, you'll also have a whole wealth of great photos that you can use on your blog. That's double duty at it's best.
  • There's always something to be said for sticking with the original. We love the easy and usability of the official Twitter app plus it doesn't have as much downtime as some of the other apps.
  • Videoblogging has never been easier thanks to Videofy.Me, a mobile video app that some of our favorite bloggers are using to show off their favorite shops and give outfit breakdowns to their viewers. With mobile video, there are so many opportunities for creative content – we know that you can find a way to optimize video in your unique way.
  • Ah yes, WordPress, our favorite content management system. While we prefer to stay offline during vacations, it can be impossible to completely unplug from the blog while out of the office. We turn to our WordPress app to schedule posts, approve comments or fix quick HTML errors when we need.
  • It's been described as “Instagram for videos.” Viddy lets you take a short video, add filters and edit, all on your phone. Popular users of the app include TeenVogue's Eva Chen and DvF. Sounds like the ultimate app for capturing your summer escapades, right?
  • Manage and monitor your blog's analytics with Fishead Analytics, an app that will deliver demographics, page views and more all to your mobile or iPad. Who says you can't do business on the go?!
  • When it comes to viral videos and hilarious posts, we turn to BuzzFeed. Did you know they countless articles about kitties and photo galleries of the most random things you could think of? Well, now you know and you should thank us for giving you the ultimate of beach-reading material.
8. Pose
  • Just because you're away from the computer and sans DSLR, doesn't mean you can't snap and share an outfit photo while you're on vacation. Show off your sunhat and sandals!
  • You don't have to sit in front of your computer to share recent post updates and or photos. Those Facebook engineers have got you covered. Check out your page metrics and view engagement all from your phone! (Get the details here.)
  • Can you blog by dragging and dropping? Yes you can! With a flick of your finger, you can create posts on almost any platform. Video, graphics and more are ready for to be published and shared.
  • There are many many photography apps out there so why do we love this one? Two words: High resolution. This app creates SLR-like quality photos, perfect for those days when you can't imagine lugging your camera around town or to the beach.
12. Pulse
  • Our summers are always spent either on the road, in a plane or on a train. Instead of lugging around countless newspapers or carrying our massive computers, we use Pulse which is a daily-news feed that gathers all the news in one, simple destination.
  •  Being without your computer is great. Sometimes. But what would we do without our favorite fashion blogs? To keep us inspired and not completely beach-bored, we use Bloglovin to follow our favorite blogs and see their latest posts from our phone.
  • We aren't sure how we'd survive without Hootsuite. Seriously though, with this app, we could almost run our entire Twitter from the beach. Mentions, Scheduled Tweets, Direct Messages and Saved Search are just some of our favorite streams that make our lives easier.
15: Emojii
  • Okay, this one is just pure entertainment: This “language” on your iPhone allows you to insert hundreds of crazy emoticons into texts and Instagram captions, such as palm trees, animals, flamenco dancers and taxis. (And that's just scratching the surface, really.


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10 Responses

  1. Heather

    My favorite app for my iPad is called “reeder”? IT allows me tO read all the blogs on my google reader list easily, elegantly really. I like it better than pulse.

  2. Erin

    I have to add Instapaper to this list! It lets you save pages to read later, even without wifi. I have it installed on my browser, and refer back to important links all the time. I never thought I would depend on it as much as I do. It’s truly a gem!

    Off to download a bunch of items on this list. Great article as usual. : )

  3. Emery

    Great list! I’m going away for the weekend with a few coworkers of mine at Dish, so I’ll be sure to download all of these before we take off! I’m a TV lover, so the one app I know I’ll be using the most is Dish Remote Access. Even though I’ll be on the go, I’ll still be able to watch all of my favorite shows from back home, live or recorded, on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi with that app. It’s going to be a great time! Thanks for the great recommendations! 🙂

  4. Aves Gry

    I’m always looking for new apps, and if it helps my blog out. That is even better. So thank you for letting me know about some of the apps, I should be having on my phone.

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