Chic Reads of the Week

Your weekend bags are packed but you need some road trip reading material? Well, we've got you covered.

From fashion to tech, this round of Chic Reads will make your journey to the beach/mountains/etc 10x more enjoyable. That is, unless you are without wifi. In which case, godspeed and good luck. We're bringing out iPads and we couldn't be more thrilled at the idea of spending a blissful amount of hours on a beach with the best links around.

This week's chic reads are:

The New York Times dives into Cannes Film Festival fashion and why the celebration of dressing up will never end at this red carpet.

Refinery 29 takes us on the Fashion Knock-off journey. It's scary and exciting at the same time.

Business of Fashion asks if the fashion industry is failing in the video content development arena. takes on the subject of summer shorts and show us how we can style them for all occasions.

What are the best industries for you to start a business in? Inc. picks the top 12 but we love #4.

Enjoy the weekend, see you on the other side!

[Image credit: Fashionista]

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