IFB Project #49: Make A Splash


Ahoy, bloggers! We hope you're all having a wonderful weekend so far. If you're stateside like us, this is a long, 3-day holiday weekend, and it's time to take full advantage. No matter how long your weekend is, this is the season to cross your fingers that it might include a cannonball into a large body of water.

You may cringe, you may grown – but yes, it is swimsuit season once again. Whether you're into teeny bikinis or retro-fab onepiece suits, we want to know: what's your style when it's time to make a splash?

 IFB Project #49: Make A Splash!

Create a post that's all about swimwear. It could be a shopping layout that includes your favorite SPF, sunhat and shades or a round up of your favorite suits – just add water. We're interested to see if you're more of a hang-by-the-pool crowd or a catch-some-waves-by-the-ocean type. But please – no skinny-dipping (at least not on your blog)!

Submit your best swimwear post below, and check back on Wednesday at 3 pm to see if yours was chosen!



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