Color Forecast Helps You Wear The Right Colors, Right Now

It's a regular occurrence here in the IFB office, where we all walk in wearing stripes or yellow or red. Sometimes the coincidences are so regular, it's as if we checked a report to find out what trend to wear before getting dressed in the morning. Nowadays you can actually do that if you're going to be in Paris, Milan or Antwerp. Pedro Cruz developed Pimkie Color Forecast, where HD cameras where set up in the most fashionable areas of Paris, Milan and Antwerp. The software reads the colors and lets you know what colors people are wearing on the streets that very moment. It even has pie graphs that show by the hour, so you can check out what people were wearing in the morning and compare it to the colors people wear in the evening. Great, if you're particularly OCD about color coordination.



So if you're heading off to a European vacation, you'll be sure to be on-trend, at least with your colors. Knowing what to wear you'll still have to peruse street style sites. But hey, sticking out like a tourist isn't so bad anyway.

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2 Responses

  1. sahra

    YES! I always had to scour the books and WWD for the future colors and everything; making sure I’m not buying something that will be “out” too soon. This, though, is free and at our fingertips! I’m so excited, thanks for sharing!

    XO Sahra

  2. Finiks

    What a fun idea, but I still think everyone should wear the color that makes him happy 🙂 😀