Luxury Brand Embraces Plus Size Fashion; Taps Nicolette Mason As Ambassador

“Nicolette is fashion savvy first and foremost. She is stylish, confident and a successful woman.”

These are the complimentary words of  Zoe Ashford, Senior Marketing Manager for Evans, about fashion blogger, editor and freelance writer Nicolette Mason. Evans, a UK-based fashion line for full-figured and curvy women, launched in the United States at the end of 2011. They brought their team to New York City in May to celebrate and show their Fall '12 collection and collaboration with luxury fashion brand Clements Ribeiro to stateside press and bloggers.

Evans connected with Nicolette through friend and fellow blogger Gabi Gregg of GabiFresh at the Young, Fat & Fabulous blogger conference she organized in 2010. Evans hosted a breakfast for the bloggers that previewed their Beth Ditto At Evans collection, and relationships bloomed from there, as well as genuine friendships.

Both Nicolette and Gabi are champions of fashion that embraces all sizes, and are hugely popular within the blogging community for their innate talent for eschewing traditional ideas about what plus-size style is all about. (Gabi recently appeared on the Today Show to talk about her ‘Fatkini‘ blog post and subsequent reader submission image gallery with xojane.) Both bloggers' success sprouts from their believe that great fashion is for everyone, and with more than 24,000 Twitter followers between them, it seems excellent proof that bloggers like them really are changing the visual culture of fashion.

When the time came for Evans to bring their brand across the pond, “It felt natural that she (Nicolette) was a perfect advocate and voice within our community,” says Ashford. Through their partnership, Nicolette will be Evans' eyes and ears in the USA, and an extension of their team.

On her blog, Nicolette said, “When Evans first announced their collaboration with UK-based duo Clements Ribeiro, I was of course thrilled. To my knowledge, it's the first high street designer collaboration that's been available exclusively in plus sizes, and it's a damn good one to pioneer what I truly hope is a continuing trend in fashion.” Nicolette previewed pieces from the collection in advance, giving her readers an trustworthy insider's peek at what they could look forward to in the new collection.

“Nicolette shares similar values to Evans, in that both look to communicate that fashion is not just about size, it is about an attitude and a confidence and acceptance of yourself.

[Image Credits: Clements Ribiero for Evans; Nicolette Mason]

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8 Responses

  1. A Girl, A Style

    Firstly, Bravo to Evans for pioneering the first plus-size designer collab (and with truly excellent Clements Ribeiro no less) and embracing the blogging community.

    But more than that, I am so utterly thrilled to see Nicolette as the face of this collaboration across the pond. I love Nicolette for her unshakeably lovely attitude, and for the confident message she spreads.

    Briony xx

  2. Amber

    Posts like this make me wonder…where does someone like me fall as a fashion blogger who isn’t skinny but isn’t ‘plus sized’ either? Things that make you go m

  3. Sound of Chic

    Amber, I feel the same way. I’m a healthy and curvy size 12. I call it the ‘tweens,’ because I’m not skinny or plus-sized.

    Happy for Nicolette and I loved Gabi on the Today Show!

  4. sharina

    good movement in my eyes. I myself am alsno not ‘skinny”. and i think most people are not a size 0. good to see that ”elite brands’see this.

  5. Ana

    I am glad to see that brands are starting to get interested in “not so skinny blogers” :).

    I would realy like to find out some other “inbetween” blogs to see their styles, because all of the blogs that i follow or go check on..everyone is size 0 or less, tall,blond and gorgeous. Just to make you give up on blogging 😉

  6. Adrina

    Truly! Style has no size, the pictures here nicely exclaim the fact.really looking forward to get attractive dresses..Nice post