IFB Project #50: Who’s Your Muse?

Can you believe it? This is IFB's 50th project post! From the first week until now, it's been a fabulous way for bloggers in our community to come together, contribute and find inspiration for new posts.

Since 50 is a rather momentous anniversary for anything, we knew that the theme for this week's project had to be amazing. We didn't want to focus on a trend or particular clothing item – we wanted to give you a subject that everyone could enjoy and have a lot of fun with.

IFB Project #50: Who's Your Muse?

On that note, tell us… Who is your style muse? We want to know who you admire, who you worship and who you try to emulate in your own dressing. It could be anyone! Perhaps you have always tried to channel the classic silhouettes of Audrey Hepburn, or the California-cool style of Rachel Bilson. Your muse could be your mother, your sister your grandmother, a celebrity, editor, socialite, musician, artist, librarian, or – gasp- a fellow blogger! The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see who inspires you.

To illustrate your muse on your blog – get creative. Maybe you'll create an image collage, or model an outfit inspired by your style icon – It's up to you. Just be sure to submit your blog post below by Tuesday, June 5th.

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  1. theflamboyante

    I think this is a great idea- although I don’t worship or emulate anyone – if I had to pick someone, it would be Kate Moss. I don’t copy her style but I mostly all the time agree with what she’s wearing, I’d say we kind of have the same taste (think laid back, effortless sometimes with a hint of edgy and masculine) – my greatest source of inspirations are: my phantasy, nature and my mum, who passed but always encouraged me to modeling.