Viddy vs. socialcam: Battle of the Video-Sharing Apps

Now that Instagram is available for Android and iPhone, we smart phone users are on almost equal ground with photo-sharing apps (Android doesn't yet have the “tilt focus” feature). Currently, two major apps are vying for the role of “the Instagram of video:” Viddy and socialcam. (You can see from the Google search that both apps have been crowned as such by different sources.) Viddy hit 26 million users in May, and socialcam has more than 34 million users after debuting just 14 months ago. Both are full of celebrity videos and a handful of other interesting people – but are any bloggers using these tools? I took both apps for a test drive, to see how user-friendly, fun and interactive each one could be.


I downloaded socialcam, and signed in by linking to my Twitter account. Easily, I was able to see who of my Twitter friends also has a socialcam account linked, which was only seven people, and most of them had yet to post a video. Hundreds of my Facebook friends have accounts, but again, virtually no one had posted a video. Here's my video called “The Office.” I was able to record a video as long as I wanted, and choose a filter before I started recording. Once finished it was easy to add a title, choose a font for that title and add a music selection. Simple, intuitive and fun! If more people I knew were using this app, I could see myself using it to share mini-moments in the same way I do with Instagram. (Socialcam is available for both iPhone and Android)


The first thing I noticed about this app is how sleek it looks on your screen. I added Viddy to my phone sometime during fashion week, because I wanted to upload and share some of the runway footage I had taken. I only follow Eva Chen (TeenVogue editor) and DvF, and both post short, 15 second videos semi-frequently.With Viddy, you can upload a video you have already taken, but you must shorten it down to just 15 seconds. You can chose between 4 different filters (or buy more from their marketplace), and add music. I must have chosen music in the past (?), because it was automatically added to my video here, also called “The Office.” You can't add a title, and the filter selection is limited. I also couldn't figure out how to find people I knew who were also using the app without searching for their name specifically. (Currently, Viddy is only available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.)


Both socialcam and viddy are very similar, but I think I prefer socialcam. It's easy to use, has more customization options and I love the titles.

So I ask you, bloggers: Do you use either of these (or any other) video sharing apps? Have you tested them out and do you like one over the other? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments!

 [Image credit: IFB, featuring Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society]

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  1. Melissa

    So glad you took the time to test drive these — probably the biggest reason I haven’t tried one yet is because, depending on the day of the week, they’ve each been called “the. best.” by one blog or another. Thinking I’ll have to give socialcam a try soon!