5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Summer

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As dedicated to blogging as we are, sometimes the last thing we want to do is spend all our free time this summer glued to the computer. However, it's also important not to completely lose momentum with, well, everything. It can be tempting to idle away your free time in the summer, but why not give your whole life a jolt of motivation and energy instead? Last month we talked about how you can streamline your online life for the summer, but what about making the most of these precious few months? This is a great time to not only work on your blog, but work on yourself! (As Jennine said in this post, it's important to have a balance between your blog and your life.)


Here are 5 Ideas for Making The Most of Your Summer:


Get Your Workshop On

Whether it's writing, photography, painting, coding or cooking – dedicate yourself to improving on something you're passionate about this summer. Check out your local newspaper, community center or just get your Google on to find a program or workshop in your area. You could even take a class at a local community college. You'll meet new people, renew your dedication to a craft or learn a totally new skill! A specialized workshop or class (even if it's online) is a rewarding experience we don't get to enjoy much after our school years are over. (Did we mention it's also a smart way to hone in your talents in preparation for the IFB conference in September? Well, it totally is.)

Create A Series On Your Blog

Perhaps your summer is already filling up with plans, vacations and weekends away. Perhaps you've already set aside a lot of time for doing absolutely nothing. Developing a series is the perfect way to keep yourself motivated and on schedule without causing yourself to moan and grown over “What should I post!?” when you'd rather be poolside with some lemonade. You can do your posts in advance, or just rest assured each week knowing you already have a plan, you just have to execute it – most likely while taking a little breather from all that sunshine. The topic is totally up to you, whether it's a series of posts about summer style, travel stories or recipes – just make sure it's something you're excited about and you won't have a problem committing yourself.

Embrace Mobile Technology

This seems like sort of a no-brainer, but really – let your phone be your office away from home all summer. We recently rounded up 15 apps that are perfect for managing your online life while you're on vacation, so make sure you're all set up before you head off to Hawaii or the mountains of Montana. While it can be tempting to go completely off the grid when you go offline, it's also really easy to keep a casual eye on things from your phone. Respond to tweets, pose an Instagram or share a Pose to assure your followers and readers that you haven't run off to join the circus.

Energize Your Days With Exercise

Forget the bikini-body pressure and all that exposed skin bound to make an appearance this summer. Exercise in some form at least once a day is essential to a balance and healthy life. Taking the time to go for a bike ride, jog around your neighborhood, walk home from work, hit a yoga class or swim 50 laps will infuse your body with the energy you need to do all your indoor and online stuff, too. When the weather is nice there's no excuse not to get out and enjoy it – so grab a friend or six and make an occasion out of it. Hike to a lake, take photos and blog about it! There are so many ways you can marry these elements of your life to improve from on sides. Oh, and all that will coincidentally also do wonders for your bikini body.

Keep a Hand-Written Journal While On Vacation

Perhaps you've made a promise to yourself that while on vacation you really are going to power down, unplug and step away from the Internets. Hey, we have all been there, and sometimes it is so necessary. Whether you're doing this right from home or from the Great Wall of China, why not go old school and keep a hand-written journal? I did this all through my months abroad in college, and try to take some quick jots down on almost every trip I take. I find that when I do this, I naturally remember everything more clearly, but also have this time capsule of my adventure to fall back on. Once you're ready to rejoin the troops online and get back into blogging, you'll have a fantastic source of stories and inspiration from your vacation.


 How do you manage your online life in the summer? Do you approach your time management differently? Share your summer plans and goals with the community in the comments!

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  1. April

    Good tips! I know I’ve got some mini-series planned. If you plan it right, you could shoot all the pictures over the weekend (or a day or two), then write the posts during the week. It’s ok to take a few short-cuts during the summer!

  2. Krystal Schlegel

    Thanks for the tips! I love writing in a hand written journal and getting outside to exercise over the summer!! Great tips!

  3. Stephanie

    Such great tips, especially the series concept and keeping a handwritten journal, thanks for sharing!

  4. lydia

    I often forget that even simple adventures such as a walk to the lake like you say, can make as interesting post material as an outfit post or similar. I need to get into the habit of having my camera with me EVERY single moment of the day. Thanks for the tips!

    Much love from Lydia x

  5. fashionway

    I’m in love with pastels this summer and this picture is fantastic!

  6. deantextiles

    thanks for tips … useful post .. keep on posting

    dean textiles

  7. Kawthar ALHassan

    This summer is all about work, but there will be a fun times 2, & yes, when you have a busy schedule life style it is so important 2 organize all the activities, thanks 4 the tips.