100 Reasons Why It’s Great to be a Blogger

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Chances are if you're reading this, you're probably a blogger. So, perhaps you already know why it's great to be a blogger – because you are one, and you like it well enough. But did you know that there are at least 100 reasons (and probably way more) that it is so insanely awesome to be a blogger right now? No? That's okay, we've listed them for you here:

  • Community: With over thousands of blogs popping up, you are bound to find like-minded friends from all over the world.
  • Digital Networks: Thanks to blogging, there is now an open forum where you can chat with anyone from across the world on almost any platform. Google hangout with a friend in Dubai? Yes you can.
  • Brunches: We’re big fans of blogger brunches mainly because the combination of delicious food and style inspiration is our favorite way to spend our Sundays.
  • It’s Free!
  • It’s a democratic space where anyone with access to the Internet can start their own site and share their style and life experiences.
  • Creative outlet: Where else can you share daily outfit inspiration or discuss the latest editorial spreads? It’s basically what blogging is all about.
  • Meetups: You can connect with bloggers in your local area online, to suggest an IRL meeting at a favorite restaurant or coffee shop.
  • Conferences are the mecca for bloggers. All across the country, bloggers can find conferences that offer helpful tips and tons of networking opportunities.
  • Build your resume: A well-done blog can be an amazing calling card for showcasing all your talents in one place.
  • You can get invites to fashion week shows! (Here’s how, with or without credentials)
  • You never know who might end up where – blogging is a great way to build connections and establish a network of friends and professionals.
  • Admit it, Pinterest was practically invented for the enjoyment of bloggers. Pin for profit or pin for fun – it’s up to you!
  • When you don’t have time to share a full outfit post, you can post and share a look with mobile apps like Pose.
  • We’re changing the visual culture of fashion. You hear that? We’re called “influencers” for a reason.
  • Brands love us, and love to work with us (we know, we asked!).
  • You can make money by selling ad space or joining an affiliate network.
  • You can make money through affiliate links on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, too.
  • We can command as much as $50,000 for a brand campaign.
  • You can sell your gently or unworn as well as gifted items on sites like Threadflip.
  • Twitter lets us share our posts instantly (and everything else, too). (You guys, when blogging first started, social media didn’t exist!)
  • We’re legit enough to be awarded by the CFDA (congrats Scott and Garance)!
  • Cupcakes are pretty much our official food.
  • We’ll be able to check back on our blogs 20 years from now and have a digital diary of our lives and how amazing we looked 20 years ago.
  • Shopping can be considered “market research.”
  • Online shopping can also be considered “market research.”
  • It’s cooler not to dress sexy.
  • Blogging can become your boyfriend.
  • You can develop legitimate friendships with people you have tons in common with, without ever meeting them in person (and it’s not creepy).
  • You probably know some HTML coding – that’s something most people can’t say!
  • Sequins during daylight hours are highly encouraged.
  • Instagram! Enough said.
  • You always have an excuse to dress up (“Hey, it’s for my blog!”)
  • Taking pictures of yourself isn’t vain – it’s work!
  • You have a valid excuse to use the term “pop of color” all the time.
  • Maxi skirts, especially pleated ones, photograph really well.
  • The whole “c/o” and gifted merchandise thing can be a really wonderful bonus, just be careful.
  • You can do giveaways to build your audience and excite your readers.
  • Blogger networks like these help us earn revenue and grow our traffic.
  • Amy Odell is one of us, and she rocks. [She’s currently the editor of Buzzfeed Shift]
  • Unlike when you were in high school – it’s awesome to be a total individual.
  • We write books! (See I Spy DIY Style; P.S. – I Made This…, The Sartorialist and more!)
  • We can be TV Stars like BryanBoy or Style Scrapbook
  • Use your blog to build material for a documentary like Advanced Style
  • 27% of bloggers are full time bloggers (as of 2011, via this)
  • It’s not just young women’s style we celebrate (check out the over 30 crowd and Advanced Style!)
  • Searching for your blog’s images on Pinterest like this: http://pinterest.com/source/(your URL here) is really entertaining.
  • You can grow your traffic by Being Your Own Agent
  • When you need a fresh way to create content, you can do a fabulous video series about your life, your travels and fashion week, a la Garance Dore.
  • Even magazine editors are into blogging too, like Derek Blasberg, Anna Dello Russo and most recently Kim France.
  • Even celebrities are taking up blogging as well, like Zooey Deschanel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo.
  • Blogging will help you survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Work from anywhere you want. The more exotic, hey, it’s great content for your readers!
  • If you play your cards right with affiliate links, you can basically fund your wardrobe addiction.
  • Speaking of affiliate links, big time bloggers can even cause items to sell out from online retailers (which benefits them and you)! Now that’s clout!
  • Tumblr gives you a place to post and share images you don’t put on your blog.
  • It’s a great excuse to create a cool, pretty business card.
  • You can use your blog to test out your entrepreneurial spirit, just maybe it will unleash the entrepreneur inside!
  • There’s a whole audience for a blog devoted solely to photographing stylish people on bicycles, from behind in downtown New York City.
  • Your lunches with your blogger friends can possibly be a tax write-off (check with your accountant)
  • Manolo is one of our people. (Manolo loves the shoes!)
  • Menswear blogging is having a moment too, even The New York Times thinks so.
  • You start to develop time management skills from all the juggling you do as a blogger. Work, school, blogging, social life. It’s a lot to handle.
  • You get really good at street style photography aka taking discreet photos of fashionable people at New York Fashion Week.
  • You have rights as an online publisher. (Learn about them here.)
  • You get to be the day’s big star and headline-grabber (at least for the day).
  • You earn lofty titles i.e. tastemaker, content curator, influencer.
  • You can literally become an “Editor” overnight.
  • Practice makes perfect, you can become a professional photographer even if you didn’t go to college for it.
  • Outfit posts provide really great Facebook profile photos.
  • You can quit your day job.
  • Your mom will think you’re a celebrity, even if no one else does.
  • Your mailman will think you’re a celebrity, too, or a drug runner. (So many packages!)
  • Random people might recognize you on the street.
  • It’s great for your self-esteem, even getting one compliment on your outfit post.
  • You get loads of compliments every time you paint your nails.
  • Puma might send you to Abu Dhabi to photograph a sailing race.
  • You get to unearth amazing fashion films you never would have seen.
  • You never run short of interesting reading material.
  • Sunglasses become a) your most important accessory and b) a business investment
  • You can tweet when you’re waiting for what seems like forever at the doctor’s office.
  • You drink a glass a of wine and get tons of compliments.
  • You can take a picture of your pet and get tons of compliments.
  • Your pet can help your blog become more popular. Way to put those oafs to work.
  • You can invent a new personality for yourself, if you want to.
  • Forget the gym, you can Photoshop five pounds off yourself. Thank you, Liquefy!
  • You have street cred with your IT department.
  • You might even become a better writer, which can lead to contributor gigs, or writing jobs.
  • You live your life in mood boards.
  • Getting dressed each day becomes an opportunity, not just a task.
  • Sites like Problogger and Copyblogger are devoted specifically to helping us out.
  • It’s possible to “Blog Your Way To The Front Row,” Yuli Ziv says so.
  • Your hobby has a much higher chance of becoming your career.
  • Blogging makes staying in at night reasonably acceptable.
  • Your parents will find it much easier to know what to get you for your birthday.
  • Your exes can Google you and find out you’re still hot. (Same goes for high school enemies.)
  • You don't need fancy programs or software to edit great photos – just look at all these alternatives (especially in the comments)!
  • If you apply for a writing job or a position in social media, you’ll have a whole case study from your blog to draw from, as well as writing clips (it’s motivation to always produce great work / smart tweets!)
  • We make the Internets more enjoyable and interesting for everyone. We just do.
  • You're part of a cultural movement that is changing how the world defines media.
  • IFB is here for you to provide resources, tips, inspiration and community!



Why else is it great to be a blogger right now? Leave your answers in the comments!


[Image credits: Linda from Little Tin Soldier]


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32 Responses

  1. Style Maniac

    Hip hip hooray! Let’s hear it for blogstresses everywhere. You really captured so many great things about blogging. Most especially #40. And #41. And #42 ….

    Saving this one for myself, and to send on to some friends [!] who still say — “oh a blog, do people read those?”

  2. Raquel

    Great article! Especially loved #22 & 83. Also, a blogger will never, ever be bored….there is always a way to grow and connect.

  3. Andrea Miñoza

    Wooot!!! There’s a smile on my face while reading this everytime I could relate. It’s great to be a blogger because I can prove to myself the things I thoughtvI couldn’t even do. 🙂

  4. Natasha Fatah

    Yeah, yeah! What a fun list!
    I’m a writer, and the blogging has actually opened up MORE writing opportunities – it has been wonderful! And it’s helped me deepen relationships with certain women in my life.

  5. Kashara

    Great post! I really liked reading it. Getting free stuff from brands is definitely a plus as well. 🙂 Blogging is such a fun and rewarding hobby.

  6. Monica

    Meeting other bloggers in other parts of the world when I travel for work (unrelated to my blog)!

  7. Michal

    101. You can write whatever you want about any fashion subject in the world, and someone will hear you.

  8. Auie

    One of my favorite articles here… Love every reason mentioned! Just amazing!

    Another reason, there’s always something to look forward to.. 😀 thanks for this!

  9. Carolina Llano

    Thank you a lot guys, you really encourage me to continue with my blog, in every post I see in here I can see that you are really working your ass off to make this site a type of “handbook” for blogging. I really love everything you do guys!

    Keep on doing it!

  10. Janelle

    This post is one of my favorites on here 🙂 I especially agree with perks #6, #12, #22 and #92. Another reason why it is great to be a blogger is that window shopping and people watching are now consider research opportunities!

  11. Beauty Moves Me

    Great article and VERY motivating!! A perk for me is being able to see my style and posts literally grow and evolve the more and more I blog. It’s very rewarding to look back and feel like you have really stepped up your game.

  12. Cate

    “Forget the gym, you can Photoshop five pounds off yourself. Thank you, Liquefy!”

    REALLY ifb?

  13. Manolo the Shoeblogger

    It is true!

    Nothing is more satisfying, nor more fun, than being the independent fashion blogger.

    The Manolo has been doing it for nearly eight years, and it still makes him happy.

    Kisses to all of you, and especial kisses to the Amanda Boyce, for being so kind as to include the humble shoeblogging Manolo in this list.

  14. jessica

    yaaaaay im from Ghana, Blogging here wasnt a big deal esp Fashion Blogging but im proud to be one of the few! my mmom thinks im a celeb, it ok not to look sexy and im an editor?WOW!!!!!

  15. JollyCaucusRace

    It’s great to be a blogger because…..we are making history 😉 I need an article like this every now and then to pep me up and knuckle down on my blog. Thank you.

  16. Alexander Zeldin

    For me the biggest reason to blog is the ability to influence other people. A well written article on a popular blog can motivate thousands of people to do something or to buy something (may be one of your products or services).