Style Blogger Travels: 5 Envy-Worthy Escapes

Around this time on Fridays, our minds start to wander. We're drifting towards the weekend, halfway out the office door, mentally on a jet to a tropical island. Most likely though, we'll return home, kick off our shoes and decide how we want to spend our weekend exactly where we live. While we can't always escape to far off destinations on a whim, we can live vicariously through other people's trips in the meantime. Instead of browsing your estranged high school best friend's honeymoon album, why not take in some gorgeous, high-quality photos from these bloggers' recent getaways…

Michael Williams, A Continuous Lean: Ischia, Italy

Post: Checking In | Mezzatorre Resort

The images in this post had us practically salivating and halfway to JFK before we even got to the end. The Mezzatorre Resort & Spa, where Williams stayed while in Europe on business looks nothing short of incredible. An island off the coast of Italy with thermal pools and views like these? Sign us up!

Rumi, FashionToast: Cannes, France

Post: Cannes 2012 via Instagram

Rumi was lucky enough to travel to Cannes, France with L'Oreal for the amFAR gala and after party, as well as a few movie premieres. She jokes about how funny it is to captures such a glamorous event as the Cannes Film Festival with something as simple as Instagram, but we think it makes for a personal (and dreamy-looking) account of her adventures.

 Kelly, The Glamourai, Marrakesh, Morocco

Post: Travel Diary – Day III in Marrakech

Through Instagram and their blogs, we got to see gorgeous images and feel like we were a part of the adventures that Kelly Frammel and Jamie Beck had while in Marrakech. They scoured markets, traipsed through gardens and palaces and wore a lot of matching dresses.

Sarah, Classy Girls Wear Pearls, Nantucket

Post: Memorial Day Weekend in ACK

As far as we know, ACK is the airport code for Nantucket, so I'm guessing that's where Sarah Vickers is hanging out in these photos. She lives in Rhode Island, so many of her posts are scenic and gorgeous images of her and her friends in very preppy locales. The fun, East Coast vibe of this occasion is palpable in these photos, and that's escapist enough for us.

Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad: Uganda

Post: Uganda Diary – The First School

While not wholy a vacation, we are so inspired and envious of Chiara's trip to Uganda with Millenium Promise, a non profit hoping to cut poverty in half in Ruhira villages in Uganda by 2015. Her travel diary describes her visit to a local school with plenty of amazing photographs, and we can't wait to see more about this trip on her blog.


[Image credits: A Continuous Lean; FashionToast; The Glamourai; The Blonde Salad and Classy Girls Wear Pearls]

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8 Responses

  1. Fashion Agony

    Chiara’s journey truly stands out, because it’s meaningful and shows what’s really important in life, I’m very inspired by her Uganda posts.

  2. Ari

    I was mesmerized by the beautiful pictures from Italy. However, Chiara’s blog was the most memorable one. I’ve always respected people who take their time to help others! I also wish one day to be of such help by opening my own orphanage!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and stories.

  3. Regan

    Interesting to see that you loved Chiara’s pictures after to condemned the J. Crew campaign. I got a similar feel from them both.