IFB Project #51: Create A Father’s Day Gift Guide

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When it comes to Hallmark holidays, it seems like Father's Day often gets the short end of the stick. Perhaps it's because dads are cool and laid back and don't need you to send them flowers so they're sure you love them. (Not that moms need flowers, but they certainly do love them!)

Because they're our parents and they love us, a hug and a card would probably suffice to make them happy. However, it's always nice to go above-and-beyond, and return a little of the generosity of spirit that our parents have shown to us – especially our dads! Whether he's a baby boomer with a love for the Beach Boys or a golf pro with too many polo shirts, there's always  a little something we can get for our dads to show our appreciation.


IFB Project #51: Create a Father's Day Gift Guide


Whether you're a gift-giver or not, we would venture to guess that some of your readers are. Gift guides can be a tremendous draw and a helpful post for your audience. We often forget that there are quite a few occasions to create one during other times of the year – not just the holiday season. For this week's project, create a collage, a shopping list, or Polyvore/ShopStyle set full of gifts perfect for a dad (or grandfather, uncle, especially great brother, etc). Leave your link below, and check back on Wednesday (6/13) to see the round up of the 10 best posts!

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