140 Characters or Less: Create Twitter Content That Pops!

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Yesterday, Jennine wrote a post reiterating why we focus so much on professional blogging at IFB. Many of the tips we give can seem like a whole lot of effort when your blog is just a hobby. So, if your blog is just a hobby, concentrating on creating great content, both for your blog post and your social media updates might not be that important to you. And that's okay!

But if you want to maximize your overall reach with your blog and really grow your brand, then creating dynamic, enticing, witty and click-worthy content (in 140 characters or less)  needs to be a priority for you. And guess what? This post is just for you. Many of us have our blogs hooked up to auto-posting tools, so that anytime we add a new post, it is automatically tweeted with a generic formula. This is convenient to be sure, but how boring! Your readers can tell when some robot is spewing Twitter updates so instead, ditch the droid and make your content ten times better. Once you get the hang of writing fun, creative and punchy little Twitter snippets for your posts, it's easy – and can mean the difference between going viral and getting lost amongst the throngs of tweets we glaze over each day.


4 Ways to Create Twitter Content That Pops:


1. Interject your personality into your tweets, giving what might be otherwise boring content a little burst of playfulness or charm. For instance, instead of saying “New Post” followed by the post title, make the title relate to your brand's voice and overall image. Twitter accounts from Glitter Guide and BuzzFeed are the ultimate examples of this because they use their personality in everything tweet they create. More girlieness for GG and more random awesomeness from BF, they both spark your interest because their 140-character tweet is less about the actual content and more about the brand. Remember: your personality is the one thing that makes you truly unique so why not use it any way possible?

2. Stick with verbs. You might have to brush up on your grammar rules but verbs are all about action, right? Well, that's exactly what a Tweet is; it's a call to action. You want to give you readers a reason to click and instead of giving them fluffy adjectives, give them powerful words that literally force them to clickover. Verbs like Drive, Aim, Build, Showcase, Highlight and more are big marketing words because they are ask the user to do something.

3. Less is more. Look, you know you get 140 characters but guess what? 140 characters makes for a really long tweet. I don't know about you but my eyes start to glaze over after one sentence. In this case, less is more so be succinct, be concise, and be witty. The quicker you give your reader the information he/she needs to deem your content interesting, the quicker he/she will click over to your site.

4. Tell a story. Ok, I know what you are thinking. What does she mean Tell a Story? Instead of just sending witty, timely tweet updates announcing a new post, use Twitter as a way to build a bigger story around your brand. For instance, brands like KateSpade, OscarPR Girl, Moda Operandi, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia don't just promote their clothes or products; they tell the brand's story through each tweet. From events to music recommendations to witty one-liners, these brands are using Twitter as an extension of the brand's product, not just about the product. Bigger story lines, less actual characters. It's tough but, with thought you can do it.

5. Engage (don't stalk) influencers. It's tempting to tweet at that one celebrity/social media personality consistently because you think he/she will tweet back. But, guess what? Your followers will get bored at your “LOL “OMG yes” and other inane tweets. And, in the end, they will move on to another account. So, instead of sending mass tweets to that one influencer, plot out what exactly you want to say in response to him/her. Actually thinking before tweeting can make a world of difference and who knows? A little more thought might lead to a better tweet, which then leads to a reply from an influencer. Voila, you just did it.


Do you have any tips for creating Tweets that get noticed instead of being skimmed over? Do you know of a Twitter account that consistently makes you laugh out loud? Share in the comments section!


[Image credits: Johan Sandberg for Interview Germany]


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10 Responses

  1. Jaspe

    I always love to read tweets that engage to click on the pictures, if the image is well chosen I’m more tempted to actually read the post.

  2. Crystin

    Love this post. Most of us use twitter like it’s our own personal diary and I know that I personally have to figure out a different way to use it! haha. I’d love to see more posts like this. Or one about how to use tumblr effectively!

  3. Kawthar ALHassan

    I have a twitter 4 my fashion blog, & i only follow my personal twitter account as a reference 2 me ( the account owner ), i used 2 follow lots of fashion accounts but i found that it’s so boring 2 read queue of tweets , i prefer 2 see the fashion photo at first then if i liked it, i read about it.

  4. Gisela&Zoe

    food for thought…it does get boring tweeting the same one liners or several in some cases. definitely putting my thinking cap on to make my brand tweets have more punch! love the article!

  5. Emily Ulrich

    I really like what you said about tweets being “calls to action”. It’s true that verbs captivate a reader more intensely than classic ‘subject-predicate’ structure. Definitely going to take this into deeper consideration.

  6. FashionistaNYC

    Live tweeting an event, even if you are not there in person, can grow your twitter followers really rapidly.
    Watching a fashion show on livestream and tweeting at the same time makes you feel as if you ARE actually there.
    Also make sure you use hashtags wisely so that you can be easily discovered by new followers.