Beyond the Board: Leveraging Your Pinterest Account



With over 18 million users, Pinterest is one hot tech commodity, for both bloggers and brands. However, the key to a social media truly growing and becoming more successful is its ability to integrate onto other platforms. It's not just enough to pin now because, let's face it, everyone and their mom is pinning now.

To truly stand out, you have to take those pins and make them more than just images that can be re-pinned  to ad nauseam. Pin-it-to-win-it contests are boring, live pinning from the runway has been done (and chances are, unless you are front row at Oscar de la Renta, your live pins won't measure up to this lady's pins), and don't even get me started on pinning coupons. Talk about boring.


How can a blogger stay ahead of the Pinterest trends ? How can he/she take his/her pins from the boards into the big world wide web? Here are a few suggestions:


1. Categorize your Pinboards according to style or beauty trends. The bottom line with Pinterest is that it offers curated content. Plain and simple. Why not make the most of that bottom line and categorize your style posts according to each season/trend and start a Pinboard dedicated to that specific season/trend? Not only does it make your reader more likely to click-through to your original posts (hello click-throughs) but it visually sorts out your entire blog. A fantastic example of highly-categorized pinboards comes from Fashion Director of Marie Claire Nina Garcia. She has sorted through trends, collections and more. So easy to search through and a great way to summarize content in a visually appealing way.

2. Strategi-tweet. While generally tweeting your pins is not recommended, there is something to be said about a well-thought out tweeted pinned. If you found an inspiring quote or beautiful image, that would be great to share with your followers. However sending out tweets for every single pin will not do you any favors. In fact, you will probably annoy your followers. If they wanted to follow your every pin, they would be following your pins. Be selective, be smart and strategize.

3. Create a collaborative board with other bloggers. One of the most exciting aspects of Pinterest is its ability to create a highly-collaborative pinboard. Imagine, all of your favorite bloggers submitting inspiration on one board?! Not only is it a great way to work with colleagues, a collaborative board will get your pins viewed by a larger audience. I especially love

4. Tie your blog posts in with your Pinterest boards. Instead of a standard “follow me on pinterest!” footnote at the end of each post, get specific. If you're wearing a great summer look, why not link to a board of summer style? Create a post dedicated to the curating of content and show that off to your readers. For example, IFB created a special project around summer accessories and guess what? IFB linked to their Blogger Bling board that already featured some of the top jewelery images from around the blogosphere. Just another example of a winning formula: Pin -> link  -> blog. Done and done.

5. Pin your grams. Instagrams, that is. Why should you do this and not just direct users to your Instagram feed? Because more and more people are spending time on Pinterest. Plus, the easy functionality and layout of the Pinterest interface makes looking at your Pinboard ten times more fun. Great examples of Pinterest-Instagram linking can be found with Club Monaco's Behind the Scenes board, Glamour's Making September board and IFB's DayIntheLife board.


This list is just an introduction to the massive world that is Pinterest marketing but all 5 of these suggestions are specifically tailored for the style blogger. Overall, the more personalized you are with your Pinterest outreach, the more it will resonate with your followers, both on Pinterest and off Pinterest. However, since the platform is relatively new (only over a year since its inception), there is a lot of room for growth and I bet the folks at Pinterest will have new, exciting features in store.


image credit: Stockton Johnson for Vogue China


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