J. Crew Goes Global With The Help Of The Sartorialist

J.Crew is solidifying bloggers and street style photographers as at the forefront of “tastemaking” in fashion. Recently, fashion photog power couple Scott Schuman and Garance Doré (recently recognized by the CFDA for their street style photography), were enlisted by the brand to travel around the world and document up-and-coming forces in style for their latest “Hello World” project, designed to reach out to a more international market. Among the tastemakers donning J.Crew pieces in their photographs are blogger and photographer Berta Bernad and blogger and boutique owner Hilary Tsui, making the writers and photographers the “models” in the campaign.

“We’re looking to make a real personal connection, not just splash ads all over the place,” J. Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons recently explained to WWD. “We’re not talking about us so much. We wanted a different level of honesty and integrity. It’s more humble.”

Typical to a blogging-style, J.Crew's campaign includes videos, interviews, and pictures that delve into each tastemaker. Lyons also commented on the choice of Schuman and Doré spearheading the project, since they “had an incredible impact on style and fashion, inspiring people everywhere.”

Bloggers are infiltrating fashion campaigns on a large scale corporate level, from Rumi Neely modeling for Forever 21 to the TJ Maxx's Maxxinistas campaign featuring bloggers in television advertisements. How do you feel about bloggers overriding professional models and major fashion magazine editors in advertisement campaigns and fashion marketing? Do you believe the general public views Scott Schuman and Garance Doré as more “humble” in fashion?

[Image credit: Refinery29]

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  1. Frances Ortiz

    great write-up and both very good questions. I think its great that brands are using bloggers to be featured in campaigns because they represent something that’s real. Not just a body to put clothes on and but real people. I don’t have anything against models but I think there is enough room for everyone. If we recall when actors were first being used for covers of magazines there was a little uproar that it was taking jobs away from models. But there will always be room for everyone. And as far as the two bloggers you mentioned I know of them but don’t know them and I can’t make a comment on that. But def. great write-up!

  2. Edgecat

    Since I began blogging a few years ago a key concept I have tried to hold near to me is fashion being a real attainable thing for everyone. Streetstyle and personal style blogging have both sparked a new movement towards fashion being a form of self expression that anyone can practice with some practicality and a genuine need to express themselves through their appearance. This is something I craved when I was youngerl and felt that fashion was only for the elite or privileged.

    Now I see more snd more bloggers moving to the forefront purely because their content is good, their opinions respected, and above all their style being unique and inspiring. It is an incredible thing to see progress so quickly as well as be a part of. It does nothing but please me when I hear that brands are attempting more and more to become more accessible and appealing to us.. the real people.