IFB Project #52 Round-Up


Over the weekend we asked you to share your favorite summer accessories with us and the community – and boy did you share! From straw hats to neon by the truck load, it was truly inspiring to see how different personalities and tastes manifest themselves through your adornments. Without further ado, let's take a look at just a small sampling of all the wonderful posts you shared for project #52.

Here are our 10 favorite submissions for the week:

  1. The Dapper Bun's hat and sunglasses
  2. Justyled's favorite summer accessories
  3. Snobaffair's cool rope necklace
  4. Dream, Create's DIY Chanel/Pamela Love cuffs
  5. Fashionopolis' statement necklaces
  6. My Confidence and Me's gold accessories
  7. Particularly Practically Pretty's summer espadrilles
  8. Twelve By Six 6 Best Summer Accessories
  9. Rhinestone Religion's feminine picks
  10. little tin soldier's jewels of summer

 Be sure to check out all (84!) submissions here, and back this weekend for the next IFB project!

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