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Jacey Duprie, the Texas-born, Los Angeles-based blogger behind Damsel in Dior isn't just a professional blogger in her free time, she's a professional blogger by profession as well. She curates blogs for Singer22, Style Me Pretty and Beth Helmstetter. With all this experience and a serious commitment to the world of blogging – we couldn't help but ask Jacey to share with us a bit about how she got started, how she went pro and what it takes to keep a healthy work-life-blog balance.

Tell us a little about Damsel In Dior.

I was born and raised a farmer’s daughter in South Texas who never quite fit in (perhaps it was the heels!) & always felt like a damsel in distress. After moving to Los Angeles, I desperately sought a creative outlet so I started blogging about all of the things that made me feel less like a damsel in distress and more like a Damsel in Dior.
Blogging is like therapy, so to be able to get paid for it is that absolute best job in the world! My Dad always preached to do what you love. If you aren't happy to wake up and go to work every day then you aren't doing what you're truly meant to do. I feel very blessed to be able to jump out of bed each morning and start my day with a fresh blog post!

How did you get into blogging professionally? Which came first?

Damsel in Dior has been the perfect platform for me to feature my graphic design and editorial capabilities, a portfolio if you will. I landed the Editorial & Fashion Associate position at SINGER22 (I manage their blog) 2 years ago after showing them my own blog and doing a few guest posts for them. After making the commitment to treat Damsel in Dior blog as a business I did a major site re-design and starting putting more overall effort into my posts. Because of this, I am now also a Writer at StyleMePretty, blogger for Beth Helmstetter Events & contributor for other sites like SimplyStylist & Betty Confidential. I strongly feel that your blog is a reflection of who you are not only personally but professionally. Potential employers will take note if your blog looks sloppy and unattended. If you don't take yourself seriously, who will?

What role does social media play in your blogging life? Do you have favorite outlets or ones you think are the most beneficial for your traffic?


Social media is a major player in my blogs ratings. My top driving referrer is Pinterest (l-o-v-e Pinterest). I find it the most beneficial because it's quick and easy, visually appealing and you can not only link back to your blog but link share sites such as

How do you monetize Damsel in Dior?

The million dollar question: How to make $ on your blog! Well, if it were easy everyone would do it, right? I monetize on Damsel in Dior by teaming up with brands on collaborations and using sites like RewardStyle to provide links that give me a commission off what I sell through my blog and social media outlets. I also contribute my other paid gigs at SINGER22, StyleMePretty & Beth Helmsetter Events to Damsel in Dior because without my blog I wouldn't have gotten these positions. I have also recently started to think outside of the box to provide sponsored posts to potential advertisers and other creative ways for advertisers to get involved.


Any particularly great brand projects / collaborations you've done? Could you tell us a little about it and why it was great?


My favorite collaboration and most successful to date was a Levi's Curve ID Campaign that I was featured in. (You can see it here.)
It was great not just because it was paid, but because I truly love Levi's. My family has been farming cotton for 150+ years so anything cotton pulls on my heart strings. I'm a firm believer that collaborations will only work if they come from a true and honest place. If you do not truly love the product or brand, it will be transparent to your viewers. Plus, why not partner up with brands that you love!? Levi's was great because it showed a piece of who Damsel in Dior truly is at heart. It also drove a lot of new viewers to my blog, score!

How has blogging affected your career? How do you balance the two?

Blogging is my career. Balancing my work and home life is the biggest challenge that I face today. Somedays I will find myself having sat at the computer from 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. and I'm still wearing my PJ's from the night before. To say I'm addicted to blogging is an understatement … Speaking of, is there a bloggers anonymous!? (kidding…sort of). I have learned that I have to schedule meetings and networking coffee/lunches during the day to force me to get out of the house. I also know that I perform my best when I am inspired and in order to get inspired I need to get out, walk, shop, socialize. I think that for bloggers finding a balance can be very difficult. I recently sat down and created an editorial calendar and schedule for my work days which has really helped a lot.




What's the best advice you would give to aspiring bloggers?


If you want a blog: blog. A lot of people ask me what they need to do to start a blog and I say “Start blogging.” The hardest part (in my opinion) to blogging is having original content. Start writing, putting inspiration boards together and getting posts up. The fancy site design and viewers will come later, but if they've got nothing to read then…For bloggers who are already established, then I'd advise to hone in on your craft: Get certified in Photoshop, take a sewing class, cooking class or do whatever it takes to improve your specialty. Also, we've all heard it before but that's because it's true: Collaborations Are Key! Partner up with other bloggers & you'll drive your numbers through the roof.


*Bonus question: What are some of your favorite fashion and style blogs?

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  1. Miloveda

    I think she has some really key point like working with a brand you like. she’s one of my favorite style blogs..thank so much for this post!

  2. From A_to_B~Ahshia B.

    Awesomeness with this interview! Love that you took your passion and made it work professional, the best of both worlds. Thanks for sharing.

    From A_to_B
    ~Ahshia B.

  3. Jess

    Just discovered her blog today via A Piece of Toast – love it! So cool that she does it professionally. 🙂

  4. Lauren

    That was such a great help. Im always looking on better ways to improve my blog

  5. samantha

    i LOVE this blog. this girl has serious style and i absolutely love her inspiration boards. great interview! xx

  6. Sabina

    I like her ideas: Sponsored posts isn’t something we see an over-saturation of so it doesn’t feel like an offensive way to monetize (at least not yet!) and collaborations with other bloggers is an option I think many of us overlook!

  7. Michelle

    Great article! Very inspiring and peppered with tips for similar problems I find myself faced with as someone who is trying to juggle contributor jobs with my personal blog. Thanks!

  8. lucia

    WOW!!! thank you! such an AMAZING blogger- and great advice! I can’t believe there is someone else in the world that loves Levis as much as me, can be a blogging addict and answer all of my questions. Thanks for being brilliant!

  9. Christine comer

    Loves reading about Jacey! I had no idea she was behind Singer22!!! Very inspiring –especially loved her advice on how to start a blog: “start blogging”… It’s like that saying “95% of being successful is just showing up”!
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