Should Bloggers Go Mobile?

In the evolution of the internet, we went from big bulky computers, to reasonably sized desktops, to laptops, to smart phones, and now, to tablet-like computers combining the idea of the laptop and the smart phone together.

According to an article posted by TechCrunch a month ago, time spent on Facebook’s mobile site and apps per month (441 minutes) has finally surpassed usage of its classic website (391 minutes). The article goes on to say that now “there’s 78 million Americans age eighteen and older who use Facebook mobile, and they spend 7.3 hours per month there on average, compared to the total 160 million Americans who use Facebook and spend an average of 6.5 hours on its website per month.”

Using the Facebook statistics as an example, it seems like the atmosphere of the internet is rapidly going mobile. Fashion design houses and brands have been paying attention to this transition in how their customer base receives information. Are they more likely to click on something on their phone? Or actually sit down at a computer? And the answer is pointing towards the former.

Furthermore, designers such as Michael Kors and Rachel Zoe have tapped into the idea of the ‘fashion app' to stay a step ahead of their competition — and just yesterday, Tory Burch relaunched her Tory Blog along with a Tory Daily iPhone and iPad app. An article on WWD describes the app, “Billed by the brand as a ‘once daily delivery system,' content is divided into the same six sections as the blog that users can control through customizable geo-located push notifications. Content on the app — with an emphasis on integrated e-commerce elements — will be updated daily, and there are additional perks for users such as free shipping and access to previews and exclusive events only available on the app.” The article goes on  to note that in 2011, saw a 90 percent increase in traffic and online sales grow by 87 percent.

So, what does all this information mean to the independent fashion blogger?

Judging on how larger fashion corporations and websites are moving mobile, it may mean that the blogging community is next up to bat.  Will we soon be taking photos, writing, and uploading posts, then surfing through our other favorite blogs and commenting, strictly through our phones? What do you think?

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14 Responses

  1. MJ

    I think making sure our content is mobile and tablet friendly is definitely a must. However I honestly couldn’t see myself depending on my phone for blogging. My content is more on the written, editorial side than picture heavy and it takes me longer to type on my phone than on the computer. If a fashion blog had mostly images, then I can maybe see that.

    As for surfing and commenting, I do that a lot on my phone actually. With my WordPress app I can reply to comments on my blog, check my stats, etc. The Google reader app on my phone lets me keep up with my blogs on the go, which really comes in handy!

  2. Becky |

    Having the option to read/post/tweet/shoot on the go is obviously incredible, not just from a time-saving POV but because it’s instant and fun!

    But nothing compares to sitting down at my laptop on a lazy weekend morning to read blog posts and, as importantly, to comment – something I often have issues with on my phone.

  3. Aves Gry

    I think having your blog viewable on a mobile device is great but I don’t see myself actually working on my blog from my phone or tablet. I prefer the control of working from a laptop rather than my phone because with the phone everything seems clustered. I would however maybe only use it to check on or return comments and view stats.

  4. Laura

    I think going mobile will be important for bloggers, I read most blogs via my iPad and after having my laptop stolen managed to use the WordPress iPad app quite well!

    Only problem is finding a tool which gives a great look for your blog on your mobile and also producing great photos for your posts as iPad/mobile technology isn’t quite there. Good images are so important!


  5. From A_to_B~Ahshia B.

    I think eventually we will have to go mobile with the constant advancements of technology and it’s efficiency. Example: I am on a six hour road trip tomorroq where I am not the driver so I will use my Wordpres app for iPad to catch up on my blogging along with doing some other work. Leaving the Macbook at home.

    From A_to_B~Ahshia B.

  6. Sheryl

    I just ran into this issue yesterday where I had a web developer write some custom code for me. Everything looked great and worked correctly on my MacBook and IPad but not on my IPhone. Until a solution can be found I am not using the code as I know many will be viewing my posts on a mobile device.

    Anyone know of any software that emulates what a WordPress blog post will look like on multiple mobile devices?


  7. Yolande

    Here in South Africa, mobile is definitely the only way to go. Many people simply cannot afford personal computers and on top of that the cost of internet remains high due to the limited amount of service providers. Many people do have access to mobile phones with internet capabilities though which makes it a much better option if you actually want to access a wider local audience.

    Thanks for the interesting read!


  8. Piper

    I have to say, I’ve been mobile only – during the daytime – for almost two years now. Not necessarily because I really want to be but because of my lifestyle. I subscribe to lots of blogs, especially fashion(!!) and those that are more mobile friendly are the blogs I read more.

    I would also like to point out that the various commenting systems such as disqus are not viewable on many mobile devices so if comments / interaction is something your hoping to achieve, perhaps take that into consideration.

    I hope my blogs are mobile friendly. I sure try for it!

  9. Rebecca

    I was just think about this today. I had been setting my goals for my blog and one of them was to have my own app dedicated to my blog.

  10. cecylia

    I completely agree! Many of my blogger friends and I are starting to post more instantly via our Instagram photos 😀 Thank God for revolutionising mobile phones! Recently I was at an event but could not bring my big SLR camera so I just relied on my phone, and the result was surprisingly good 🙂

  11. Peppi

    Judging by the heavy equipment of cameras and everything that come wit it, of the most successful bloggers, I think the mobile blogging wouldn’t be as interesting as it is the classic approach. It would take much more time for something probably for something not so good as now.
    Personally, I’ve tried the mobile blogging, but it wasn’t very successful, so I think I’ll stick to the computer.
    But I do agree it’s important to make your site available on mobile devices, just because we don’t always have time to check out out favorite blogger on “big screens”.
    Xoxo, Peppi

  12. Amii

    I really do wish that a decent app would come out soon that optimises blogging via mobile. I was without a computer for nearly a year, and it was a nightmare trying to blog from my phone. I ended up leaving it for a few months, and that was just torture!

    I find I do most things from my phone – I edit and watermark my photos, send them to Flickr, write notes for future posts, plan them, take my outfit photos and also socialise, read blogs etc from my phone…the only thing I really use the computer for is to actually write the majority of the post and add the photos – and if there were a way I could do this successfully from my mobile, then I would scrap blogging from a computer all together. Going mobile is quicker, easier, and you can literally do it anywhere.