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Last Friday's #TGIFB chat brought out so many of you bloggers who were eager to discuss the changes in the blogging community. “Have you stopped engaging with your readers? Have you experienced a decrease in comments? Do you comment on sponsored posts and if not, why?”

We asked you to share your thoughts on all of these questions + more and we wanted to share of some of our favorite #TGIFB comments. So many of you agreed that you value Twitter interaction more than comments, highlighting the need for quality Twitter content. Also, many of you stated that you typically didn't comment on Sponsored Posts because you felt they lacked authenticity. You can see the rest here.




This week for #TGIFB, we're talking about credibility and how blogger's can become reliable sources of information and trends for their readers. It's a discussion we've had around the IFB water cooler for quite some time after Vogue's Syrian First Lady debacle and hearing multiple business people gripe about bloggers and how their blogs lack the power and weight as their journalist counterparts. We, of course, couldn't disagree more. It would be easy to dismiss bloggers and liken their work to personal diaries. But we know (and so do you) that bloggers play an important role in the creation and distribution of media. At the heart of IFB is its dedication in educating the blogging world on best practices and offering important tools to these bloggers to help them become  better. When bloggers are better educated, perhaps the perception of them will change too.


What do you think? Are you ready to tackle this massively important topic? We hope so! Join the #TGIFB chat on Friday at 3pm EST and share your thoughts. Remember to use the #TGIFB hashtag!


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