Take Some Twitter Advice From Scene Magazine’s Editor In Chief Peter Davis

Peter Davis is definitely a New Yorker through and through, and so are his tweets. With almost 11k tweets and over 105k followers, Davis keeps the witty, controversial, and jovial conversation going day in and day out. Check out his tips for pumping up your number of followers here!

With over 10k tweets and 105k followers, what's your secret to your Twitter success?

My pal Courtney Love tweets at me regularly which helps crank up the followers and when the New York Times did a Styles cover profile on me when I launched SCENE that majorly upped my Tweet peeps. The power of the NYT! I don't have a strategy besides being informative and fun. I get to see incredible places and meet a lot of amazing people and Twitter is an easy way to share cool things, like my constant obsessions: Street Art, hard-to-find clothing and nightlife around the world.

How do you balance your “personal” tweeting with “work” tweeting?

They are one and the same. I'm lucky that work for me involves stuff like shooting amazing covers with Hilary Rhoda (a real life and Twitter friend), seeing all the fashion shows and going to the secret opening of No.8. I have a dream job.

Do you have a strategy to your social media, do you use a platform like HooteSuite to help schedule and manage your tweets or are you a guerrilla tweeter?

Total guerilla tweeter – I don't know what HooteSuite is (but now will Google it!) and though I have Instagram and Pinterest on my iPhone, I've yet to use them. I know I'll be a pin junkie if I join.

Your tweets are usually bitingly witty like this gem: “Sleepy thought: tear tattoos under an eye make me happy/sad.” Have you ever regretted a tweet and if you did what did you do?

I never have regretted a tweet. I get weird thoughts before bed so those tweets are the most abstract. For a while I couldn't stop gabbing and thus tweeting about bath salt addicts, the Zombie Apocalypse and my mistrust of anyone who frequents internet cafes. So when I saw an ex-convict type on the street with the tear tattoo, I couldn't stop thinking about who he killed and why.

You reply and retweet a lot of people, do you ever get tweet exhaustion?

The only thing that exhausts me are unfriendly people and the Equinox. My favorite tweets are by Hanuk Hanuk and Courtney Love – so witty and brave and funny – I seek their tweets out for inspiration and a good laugh.

Do you see your twitter as a way to “personally brand” yourself?

I wish. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not hawking a candle or a bag line – yet.

Do you have any other forms of social media you are avid about updating?

The grandpa of them all: Facebook, which is still my favorite as I love eye candy so I put my favorite images on there constantly as well as mouth off about issues I am passionate about: gay rights, homelessness and how I really, really loathe fur.

Your magazine focuses on the “scene” especially in NYC. Do you try to convey that through your tweets?

My life is a scene so naturally that comes out, though when I'm at the Boom Boom Room I'm usually having too much fun to tweet, so I give the lowdown of what I saw (at the least the PG-13 version) when I get home.

Do you have any advice for fashion bloggers trying to gain traction on twitter?

Be yourself, don't censor your tweets and try and share stuff that will keep people coming back for more. For example, if you discover an amazing all Reggae accessory store in the Garment District like I did, don't hog the fun – tweet it so everyone can go.

[Image credit: “Peter Davis” via Shutterstock]

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  1. kimmie

    I’m glad that he said don’t censor yourself. I think that sometimes we take Social Media a bit too seriously and drain all of the personality out of our accounts bc we’re trying to be “professional”. No one wants to follow you and only see blog links or “tips” all day. That’s like voluntarily following a bot. While there are certain things that I won’t discuss online (bc that’s how I am in face to face conversations) I still believe in being true to yourself and having fun. People that are random and funny without being over the top have always been my favorite follows.