To Rebrand Or Restart? Take A Lesson From YSL’s Name Change

There's been quite a raucous in the fashion world, as Yves Saint Laurent is dropping its famous ‘Y' from the equation to become simply Saint Laurent Paris. Yves' long-time business partner and former lover, Pierre Bergé, has backed Hedi Slimane's decision to make the dramatic change (the ‘Y' has been an integral part of the brand's designs and marketing). While some might be shocked by this decision, according to WWD a YSL spokewoman said that Hedi is planning on “restoring the house to its truth, purity, and essence […] taking it into a new era [while] respecting the original principles and ideals.”  In addition the name change, the fonts and vocabulary will return to those of YSL in the '60s.

According to Fashionista, YSL items are only going to even more covetable, since this will mark a “new” era. Those ‘Y' marked pieces will be seriously knocked up in value as collectible, seeing that the rebranding will mark a certain era in the fashion house's history.

“I think promotional logo pieces, or unusual objects, like table art, and costume jewelry that uses the YSL logo–like say, a YSL gold necklace from the nineties–will definitely increase in value,” Silver said to Fashionista. For pieces without the logo, you may not see the same amount of increase — with high demand, you will be paying a high price.

You can take a lesson from YSL's rebranding technique with these tips:

Sometimes the first go at a blog isn't exactly what you envisioned, or perhaps our blog increased in size and lost some of it's focus — whatever the reason may be, rebranding commonly happens with editorial content, marketing, and design.

If your blog needs a facelift, you can take steps in making it what you want (it's your blog after all). But the main decision you will face is: Should you rebrand or restart? Weigh the pros and cons before taking the dive to either rebranding or starting over by going over the following points:

What is your current audience going to think? Sure, everyone wants to expand to new readers, but what about the ones you already have hooked? Make sure that your new direction doesn't isolate what you already built, you want to have your loyal following to stay loyal. Don't worry if you do lose small portion of your following however, it is bound to happen, but make sure you aren't losing more followers than gaining new ones.

Will the site be redesigned and rebuilt? Will it be navigated differently? Do you have the time, energy, and funds to fully complete the project? Before you dive into a rebrand, make sure you have the logistics planned out. You won't want to make it half way and realize you're out of dough.

Or would it work just as well to start a second blog? You could show off your new site to your current followers and explain it's different qualities. Perhaps your current followers will want to follow both?

Take it slow. Try testing out a few posts and observe the response before diving in.

Always remember, not everyone is happy with change. You might get some sour feedback when you first rebrand or restart, but give it some time. Not everyone will be instantly thrilled with the change, but many will warm up to it after some time.

We've heard Big Ben is having a name change to Elizabeth Tower in honor of the Queen — hey, if a clock can do it, you can too.

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