IFB Project #54: Show Off Your Patriotic Style

We don't want to pander too much to our American bloggers, but we can't help but be totally excited for the upcoming Fourth Of July holiday. It's the first big party of the summer – with barbeques and picnics, fireworks and popsicles. It's a time to gather with friends and family, celebrate the season and take a day off in the middle of the week (score).

For this week's project, we want to see how our community rocks their USA-loving socks (and shirts, and dresses) come July 4th. If you're not American – don't worry we still love you! Feel free to share your national pride too – wherever you may reside! Or maybe you have an affinity for Americana pieces like Alexandra from Lovely Pepa below, who is Spanish!

IFB Project #54: Show Off Your Patriotic Style

Create a post that shows off your Fourth of July style (or Americana-inspired look). You could do a round up of red, white, and blue pieces, stars and stripes, create an outfit post that's perfect for a picnic or even a musical playlist that's full of America-loving tunes. Perhaps you're feeling inspired by the upcoming Olympics as well… Get creative, have fun and be sure to submit your link by Tuesday July 3rd so we can include your post in the round up on Wednesday, July 4th.


[Image credit: Lovely Pepa]

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