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Last Friday, we spent the afternoon chatting about branding for #TGIFB and how bloggers can successful build a brand that leverages their blog and personality. Mara from M Loves M, Meg from Mimi & Meg, Jessica from The Lovelist, Jen from Effortless Chic, and Danielle and Alaina from the Every Girl all weighed in on how they have built their brand and what that entailed. Before we get to the recaps though, I wanted to share some of the Blog Branding tips (all under 140 characters) that will hopefully give you blogging mojo on this Sunday.


blog branding


Former Digital Art Director and Veda House blogger Cassie had fantastic insight in blog branding that I wanted to share those highlights with you here, in case you missed our Friday chat and needed a dose of branding inspiration. I first noticed her work in design/lifestyle blogs like Design for Mankind, Breanna Rose, Emmadime and Creature Comforts and knew she would have easy branding tips that would resonate with all bloggers, new and old.


Cassie's Branding Tips (in 140 characters or less):

Q: How do you start the branding process? Is there a step-by-step workflow that you follow?

A: My branding Process –> gather inspiration –> mood board –> sketching –> design exploration –> revise

Q: What is the one thing most bloggers forget about when creating their blog’s brand?

A: I think most bloggers forget the big picture. Branding needs to cohesively extend through all your social media outlets.

Q: What tools do you use when starting a branding project?

A: Essential tools for branding projects = time, a design community to share ideas, and Micron pens!

Q: : What are some resources you turn to when you need branding inspiration or tips?

A: I find branding inspiration in my favorite magazines, a walk through the city, Pinterest, and oddly enough…good tunes 🙂

Q: What tips for creating/designing a personal brand would you share with bloggers who can’t afford to hire a professional?

A: If you can't afford a full rebranding package, invest in a logo design first. A logo can set the tone for the entire revamping.

Q: YSL just announced they are rebranding, and many thought it was controversial due to YSL’s prestigious historical brand. When do you think its appropriate to start rebranding?

A: I think it's important to only rebrand if your current brand no longer stands for what gets you up each and every morning.


Do your research, study your voice, format your blog to embody that voice and match your content to that brand. It may seem inconsequential at the moment, if you have a small readership or if you aren't sure about monetization. But it's better to be prepared and start the brainstorming process now, as opposed to later. With a clear focus on who you are and what you want, you will be able to accept (or decline) brand partnerships that just don't fit with you content. And instead of feeling guilty for saying no, you will feel empowered because you know it wasn't the right fit.


Also, there were so many great tweets during #TGIFB and I wanted to highlight a few of them. You all offered great insight and topics regarding brand and it was exciting to hear you share feedback with the all participants. Bloggers coming together?! Yes please! Ok, on to our favorite #TGIFB moments from The EveryGirl, Jen Pinkston and Mara Ferreira:

TGIFB Highlights:

twitter branding

twitter chat

twitter chat


For more information on how you can start the branding process, we have a simple guide that outlines the 4-step process. It sounds intimidating, I know. Branding! Business! But, I assure you, with this guide and the feedback from the #TGIFB chat, you all are ready and completely capable to do this on your own.

Questions or comments about the #TGIFB chat? Need help with the branding elements? Leave us a comment and we will get them answered.
Image credit: Cassie from Veda House


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  1. Juliette Gold

    Thanks so much for the advice! I’m working on branding right now, and the tips helped me set my timeline.

    What were the steps you guys took when branding?

  2. Rita

    Maybe because I started my style blog this year (so have seen the work of others) or maybe because I have already been blogging on other topics for the past 5 years, I was very aware of what I wanted my blog to look like and gave it a brand feel. From the start, everything tied together nicely. I would suggest anyone starting would try to hit the ground running on this. Even if you don’t have your own domain, you can still work around to create your own image.

  3. catchy company name generator

    Great tips! These tips may give us a good idea of where to start. Before beginning any branding activities, it is important to figure out what image weare trying to project for our property.