Blog Meets Magazine: How Kelly Framel is Evolving The Glamourai



“I think there’s a real opportunity online to create something totally new. Not a personal blog, not a magazine – but a new way of presenting all sorts of inspiration, ideas, and high-quality original content.”


Last week, Kelly Framel, the blogger behind The Glamourai, posted an expansive, gorgeous editorial on her blog, called Marrakepic. The shoot was created in conjunction with Jamie Beck (From Me To You) and Kevin Burg, and came about after a trip to Marrakech, Morocco.

This post is just the most recent example of a new direction in the content of The Glamourai, one that takes the focus off of Framel's personal style, and presents her site as a new hybrid space for the different aspects of her creativity. The process that produced this editorial is much more like that of a magazine than a personal style blog.

“Going into 2012, I made a commitment to myself to really begin changing the way I approached my content. I didn’t want to become complacent about my site; I always want to push myself and create challenges for myself so I can grow as a creative producer and person,” said Framel.

We spoke further with Framel last week to get the dish on her African adventure – from how it was funded, how she developed the content around it, and where her blog is headed from here.


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Traveling to Morocco:

Because a thank you was mentioned in both Framel and Beck's posts about the trip, it's not surprising to learn that The Moroccan Nation Tourist Office invited the bloggers out to Marrakech, and paid for their travel expenses. “[They] invited 3 groups over,” said Framel. “A group of travel editors, a group of interior design editors, and a group of fashion editors. I had the great fortune of being invited on the fashion portion of the tour.”

Aside from that however, Framel said she received no additional direct monetary compensation, and no stipulations were made in terms of reciprocal coverage.

“I saw this as an exciting opportunity to see a new part of the world, and I shared it on my site because I wanted to, not because anyone demanded that or how I should,” said Framel. “It’s frustrating that people assume that everything on a blog is a business deal. More often than not, we’re really just posting about what we think is great.”

Creating Authentic Content:

In May, Framel created several posts that incorporated her looks and shopping links with gorgeous, high-quality travel images taken by Beck. Both her and Beck's posts from Morocco are full of breathtaking images and details about their adventures. They rode camels through the desert and shopped the souks for unique finds.

Back in New York City, Framel, Beck and Beck's partner Kevin Burg worked together to produce a photo shoot using pieces collected during their trip to Marrakech.

“Jamie and I produce these shoots because we love to make beautiful pictures. We love dreaming up other worlds and telling stories through fashion. Each editorial takes me nearly a month of prep work: fine-tuning the concepts, sourcing the clothes, the props, casting models, coordinating the crew, location, sets, etc., then Jamie and Kevin take over on post-production, editing the photos and building ever-more magical cinemagraphs. We do and fund every bit of it ourselves because we love it.

Is Framel leading the charge for a new direction in fashion blogging? With so much opportunity available to our community now, it will be up to the forward-thinkers and risk-takers to take this space into it's next stage, of which Framel may be one.

Do you think more blogs should or will start creating content that looks more like a magazine than a personal style diary?


[Image credits: The Glamourai.]



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19 Responses

  1. Jane

    As beautiful as those photos are, I think the pull of personal style blogs is seeing real women put together interesting outfits.

    Styling on a model, again while beautiful, doesn’t allow me to connect with the piece as much.

    That said I am sure Kelly has a firm grip on who her visitor is and what they will appreciate.

    I think there will be plenty of room for online magazines or editorial/styling type blogs as well as personal style blogs because all of them are inspiring from a fasion and style perspective.

  2. heather

    I think this is wonderful and that’s she’s putting her name to use. I mean to be honest not everyone has access to such amenities ie. going to a showroom and asking to borrow clothing, an amazing photographer or editing tools. But I do like the fact that she’s stepping out of the box which many of us are sometimes afraid to do. I think this shows all of us bloggers to be more creative in our post. To step up our game a bit….even to hone in in our set skills.

  3. Yasmeen (Castle Fashion)

    I think her styling and the photography are stunning but I do miss the traditional-personal-style-blog feel of her site. I guess I’m just a reader that appreciates flawed, home-grown stuff 😛

    I’m sure there are tons of women that love the more editorial vibe so either direction is good.

  4. kimmie

    I love the direction of Kelly’s blog and think that what she’s creating should be a source of inspiration for other bloggers. It shows that you don’t have to stick to a specific formula just because you blog about fashion.

    However, I don’t think that it’s for everybody. Kelly seems to have a specific career goal in mind so the leap in content direction makes sense- she’s been styling for brands for a while so a more editorial focus works. I can’t say that all style bloggers should do this. Look to your peers for inspiration but still maintain YOUR voice. That’s the beauty in what we do. Fashion isn’t one dimensional so bloggers shouldn’t be either.

  5. Jade

    I’ve started moving my blog more towards a magazine style and it’s actually increased my visitors by an average of 100 for daily visits (although, still about what it was before on days that I don’t do a blog post). I think making it a bit more professional looking and changing the layout has definitely helped. Plus I’ve also started doing a semi editorial calendar which I believe is helping too (all thanks to IFB’s tips!) xx

  6. Heather

    I loved the personal style adventure in Morrocco shots. I mean loved loved loved them. I didn’t even look at the editorial shots. I follow her blog so I saw them briefly, but they didnt “do it” for me the way her personal style shots do.

    Kelly has so much style I think she can do whatever she wants and it will be great. I really hope she keeps the personal style part of her blog going strong though. As much as we bloggers like to experiment, I think it’s good to keep strongly rooted to your original intention, whatever that might be.

  7. Sound of Chic

    I’m no Kelly Framel, but I admire her approach. I have a background in art direction, so I try to take my “candid” shots to the next level in the same vein.

    Kelly and Jamie’s Morocco travel photos and model shoots are beyond gorgeous. That’s the beautiful thing about blogging — it’s an opportunity to use your unique skills to express what has only been done in magazines. Kudos to Kelly for upping the ante.

    I built my own inexpensive studio. Anyone who is already photographing themselves can do this with the addition of a tripod, remote, and studio lights. There’s really no reason to say, “Well, I can’t do what she does.” Most photographers are self-taught. Just continue to challenge yourself to produce better photos.


    I do hope NOT. If I want a quality magazine on line I look at the big ones. I am ONLY interested in blogs with soul. I like blogs that are clean and clear, but warm, and a true reflexion of the person who lives there.

  9. AJ

    I have to admit, the more editorial a blog becomes, the more my interest fades. I admire what she’s doing, but I feel like I would have been more interested in the shoot had she been the model.

    Interestingly enough, I loved her collaboration with Sole Society. It had an editorial feel but really showed off the shoes in a non “sponsored” way and I think the way she approached that shoot was perfection. I’d be open to more sponsored content with thoughtful editorial planning like that, which is just another way she’s blazing the trail for bloggers.

  10. Kathleen Lisson

    I think there may be a third direction – not full on fantasy magazine editorial, but more than the simple feel of the ‘put an outfit on, stand in the street and pose’ shots. I got a lot of positive reaction to a recent post of my fiance and I having a champagne picnic on the beach (part of our engagement shots) and I am thinking of adding a little backstory to my future outfit posts. Just an answer to “where is she going in that hat?”

  11. Denise

    Kelly is great at what she does and should continue to go with what drives her – that is what keeps it genuine and what makes a site worth visiting. We all offer something a bit different and should avoid trying to shoehorn our blogs into this or that category; focus and a clear voice, whether it be personal or editorial, are what count. A blog/mag/whatever the next incarnation, will stand on the strength of its content and its power to move the reader. ‘Should’ has no place in conversation about a medium that is proven to be best when allowed to evolve organically.

  12. goodbadandfab

    I follow personal style/fashion blogs because of the personal element. Once it becomes overly editorialized, the unique personal perspective of the blogger gets lost in the production. Sure, the editorial pieces are inspiring and beautiful but I no longer feel connected with the blogger and may not revisit as often.
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane.

  13. MizzJ

    I think this is definitely an option for high-end blogs, ie those that are run by people who blog FT, or who have the resources to pull off editorials like this and that’s awesome and I’d definitely read it, but I think it’s just not realistic to set that as a standard.

    For sure the stand in the street and pose thing is over saturated for sure, but what simple things can everyday bloggers do to make their photos stand out?

  14. Nataya A

    The pics indeed georgeous. I’m not really reading her blog but I will always distracted by great photos and style, no matter where they come from and despite I like the style personally or not. However I can feel easier related to the ‘normal’ personal style blog, and even stop to read their diary style writing.

  15. Jill

    I wonder why in such an exotic, beautiful location all the photos have such neutral backgrounds. Most of them look as though they have been done in studio. I would have been far more inspired by street photos and more movement by the model. Seems like a waste of such an amazing environment!

  16. Apryl

    I really like the third way @Kathleen Lisson mentions (love the engagement photos with the “fascinator” hat!).

    I for one don’t want to go the full on magazine route by finding some “other” to display and pose in what I think is cool. BUT – doing a fashion shoot with a friend and styling her outfit sounds great. Or doing a nicely designed photo storyboard that adds some substance to the fashion I want to display myself.

    Going in the direction of clean and creative layouts and designed photo sets is awesome – just make it real and connective. Otherwise I’d just rather pick up a Marie Claire or Vogue.

  17. Adela

    I am the biggest fan of Kelly Framel and the Glamourai. She is such an inspiration, I’m striving to make my blog as good as hers. Will people do more editorials like her? I’m not sure as it surely is money and time consuming and not everyone can do it.. But it’s definitely great to see!
    I wish you best of luck in everything Kelly.

    Adela xx