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Remember how we questioned whether we will soon just be updating our blogs from solely from our phones? According to Mashable, Google Analytics is readying a program to track usage reports designed specifically for mobile applications, with the idea to give a deeper, broader, and more meaningful understanding of how users engage mobile apps to developers and marketers. Made for both Android and iOS-based phones, Mobile App Analytics will give more visibility into an apps' performance.

According to JiaJing Wang, product manager for the Google Analytics Team, such data is already in existence, but not all in one place. “You can get information in different places,” he says, “but you can’t engage from it and make a determination from it.”

Google's move to capture mobile media solidifies the notion that consumers are spending more time on mobile apps than on computers. Even better news, right now the tool is free, however there is some speculation that Google may plan to charge for the information in the future.

The set of reports will focus on measuring new and active users of an application, will zero in on engagement data, and help with tracking the attainment of specific outcomes, such as ad clicks or in-app purchases.

What does this mean for fashion bloggers? Well for one thing, you will be able to tap into how your readership is accessing into your content via their mobile devices, and in turn make edits to your blog to be more friendly for these users.

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  1. Rita

    Yes. You guys shouldn’t wait to see though. There’s no reason why heartifb shouldn’t have a mobile site already. It’s very difficult to access your site on the go. Too heavy, eats too much data, makes it impossible to access. You should consider it. Would be a shame to loose such opportunities.