How To Revamp Your Blog Like Raf Simons For Dior

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Today in Paris, Raf Simons stepped out into the spotlight for his debut as creative director of Christian Dior, a position he took over in April following John Galliano's termination. The designer, formerly of the label Jil Sander, did not reveal details of his direction for Dior prior to today's show, however fashion's elite were pleasantly surprised by the line.

Simons showed off his signature on the haute couture collection, citing elegant tuxedos, cropped trousers, and peplum tops with minimalistic, streamlined, and modern tendencies. Many considered Simons' take on the label as breath of clean, fresh air from Galliano's often flamboyant and extravagant designs.

Hotly anticipated by the fashion industry and the label's fans, the presentation was held in a mansion Paris’ Avenue d’Iéna, and decorated with thousands of flowers covering the wall space of the venue. Anna Wintour, along designers such as Marc Jacobs, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, Diane Von Furstenberg and Donatella Versace attended the display, as did other notable faces such as Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Palermo,  Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Rampling, Stella Tennant, Sharon Stone, Melanie Laurent, and Natalia Vodianova.

Derek Blasberg ‏tweeted right after the show, “The Dior show just ended. In the last 13 minutes, Raf Simons just single-handedly altered the contemporary haute couture landscaped. Bravo!”

As IFB approaches our five year mark, you may have noticed we've been making slight changes to keep things fresh for our audience. You too can stick to what people come to your blog for (in Dior's case, elegance and luxury), and combine it with something fresh (in Simons' case understated modernity). Here are some tips in marrying the old with the new on your blog:

Find what makes your voice notable, and keep that. Be careful not to change the thing that makes your blog special… at least not too much.

Think about adding  and removing features. Ask yourself, what types of posts get the least amount of traffic or comments? How can I alter them to make them more interesting? It may just be reformatting the structure, a change in photos or title, or it may be the actual content that needs tweaking. Is there a topic you could try to cover more?

Be careful not to stray too far from what your readers are used to. This may be obvious, but if you are usually a street style blog, it may be jarring for your readers to find lengthy articles about how to embroider a blouse. Make sure that you are expanding from the edges of the content you already write about.

Give your blog a facelift. Try reorganizing widgets, pages, photos, your logo, fonts, etc. on your page — then listen to the feedback. Is the pink cursive a little to frilly for your readers? Or do they feel it represents your voice better?

Focus on social media you might usually ignore. Do you usually tweet 24 hours a day, but your Pinterest account is lagging behind? Or are you an Instagram pro, but haven't updated you Tumblr in a year? Your blog is also communicated through your social media voice. Spend a week focusing on the little things you usually ignore and see how it impacts your readership. Keep statistics from the beginning of the week until the end to see if your numbers improve.


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  1. kimmie

    Wonderful tips. My blog is going through a face-lift now and one of the things I’ve been dealing with is content direction. My main focus is independent designers and brands with a little bit of everything else (product reviews, interviews, street style, life, etc.) thrown in. I like the diversity but need to get a slightly more formal posting calendar. There are also a few more things I want to include. I may lose a few readers along the way but you have to be able to evolve with the times if you want to keep things fresh!