11 Amazing Style Blogs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

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If there's one thing that media people fear – it's being out of touch. You never want to feel like you're losing your edge or your ability to stay ahead of the next big thing. In the world of blogging, keeping up with the latest and greatest is both easy and difficult. New blogs pop up seemingly every minute – ready for consumption, but they can get lost within their own community!

We scoured the Internets this week to bring you just a small selection of some of the amazing up-and-coming bloggers in our community. Some have been flying under the radar for a while, and some are just getting started. Because of their high-quality content, great photographs and unique points of view, we think each of these blogs have the potential to rise up and become our new go-to style inspiration sources.

Check out 11 Style Blogs You've (Probably) Never Heard Of:

  • On The Corner: Showcasing both men and women, this site features cool, inspiring street style out of Buenos Aires, Argentina (and has been since 2007!)
  • The Marcy Stop: This very new blog (January 2012) is all about personal style and photography from two chic Brooklyn gals (we owe Court + Hudson for introducing us to this one)
  • StyleQuotient:  Street style with excellent photography by Paul Melo
  • Classy Girls Wear Pearls: If you're part of the preppy set then you may know this blog well – Sarah Vickers posts gorgeous, scenic and stylish images of her quintessentially New England travels and ensembles
  • A Go/Go: This Los Angeles-based style blogger adds character with the unique touch of  song lyrics in her posts
  • WolfCub: Her content runs the gamit from outfits to editorials, gifs and shopping tips – all with a fun, edgy twist
  • Ladypants: From girl crushes like Estelle to outfit posts with serious retro flair – Marjon Carlos maintains a smart, witty and interesting dialog in every post
  • Style Hurricane: A totally visual mix of lifestyle and personal style photography, we're totally inspired by could-be-a-model Estonian blogger Anni Jurgenson
  • Stop It Right Now: This blog mixes minimalist personal style and editorial images, but always maintains a very conversational and personal tone
  • A Girl, A Style: Full of sweet, feminine style and sparkling DIY projects, “the miscellaneous rose-tinted adventures and indulgences of an Australian girl living in London and Cambridge” is a great follow
  • Tobruck Avenue: Kiara Shwartz sums up her pesonal style blog best in her own profile, “Born in Vancouver, raised in Switzerland now living the California dream.”


[Image Credits: On The Corner; Tobruck Ave; A Go/Go; WolfCub; 4th and Bleeker]

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59 Responses

  1. Sarah's Real Life

    Thanks for this…I’m always up for checking out new blogs. There’s a good mix here. Not everything is my taste, but I’m sure others would enjoy. I had only heard of one of these! If I play my cards right, maybe I’ll be on one of your lists some day 😉

    Sarah’s Real Life

  2. Donna

    Wow! So many good blogs, so little time to read all of them. Your lists continue to provide me with new blogs to enjoy. While of course I’m disappointed to not be on your list, I’ll use it as motivation to keep improving my blog.
    Thanks for all of the great info you give us.

  3. HeadTilt

    Wow, just when we think we’ve seen it all!
    Absolutely love the Street Style ones like ‘On the corner’ and ‘Style Quotient’. Adding them to our blogroll right away!

    Thanks so much for sharing! Hope to be featured in this list someday soon.

  4. A Girl, A Style

    Goodness, thank you so much for the honour of being included! Going to check out these others now too. Hurray for finding brilliant new blogs!

    Briony xx

  5. Jade

    OMG I just basically went through all of “Classy Girls Wear Peals” posts – there we go, found my new favourite blog! Such great images and I envy anyone who has preppy style (as I look like an idiot when I try and just never get it right!) xx

  6. Heather

    Nice! Thanks for doing this. I hope it becomes a regular feature here on IFB. I’m going to try following a couple.

  7. Kiara Schwartz

    Thank you IFB for including me in this article. I am so honored and insanely excited! 🙂 XOXO Also following everyone else’s amazing blogs.

  8. The Style Duckling

    This is fantastic! This really is great because of all the different blogs out there, people do get lost. Some of these blogs had a lot of followers and I didn’t really think of them as “undiscovered” but they all were great. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Long Live Classy

    I absolutely LOVE Classy Girls Wear Pearls and have been following for a while now! So glad you featured her! We need more preppy bloggers out there. 🙂

  10. Nataya A

    Thanks for the info. Most of them I just found out from here. Even not all of their styles I like, but all of them are catchy.

  11. Ana

    When you said I’ve never heard of them, you weren’t kidding.

    Even more importantly, when you said “amazing”, you weren’t kidding.

    At all.

  12. Wil Harris

    This is a really great list! My sisters and I follow Classy Girls Wear Pearls; love her preppy American style and her beautiful pictures.
    We love founding and following new blogs. I’m glad to have found out about these other blogs and will definitely take the time to read through them when I have the time.

  13. robin avidor

    WOW! I am learning everyday how to be a better blogger. Thank you IFB. There are so many things I want to improve on, NOW! Thanks for existing IFB community. Look forward to meeting many of you in Sept. Please feel free to fill me with feedback, I am open to advice.
    xo r

  14. A Lone Panther

    Great list, it’s become difficult to find good style blogs that don’t seem to be overrun with clearly corporate sponsored posts!

  15. J's Everyday Fashion

    I don’t know why I thought there was a chance that you would include a budget blogger on this list, but regardless I’m disappointed that it is a genre that is not represented. (and in general is not well represented on IFB)

  16. Steph Nava

    Great finds, thanks for posting! I do wonder why only style blogs are worth talking about? Everyone’s already doing it so how about presenting other types of fashion blogs as well?

  17. Emily Ulrich

    It’s impossible to pass up some blog inspiring goodness. Thanks, it’s nice to see the community taking interest in the more softly spoken of popular blogs.

  18. Johnny K

    These are some great sites!

    I LOVE vintage fashion and THE EYE OF FAITH is a really cool new website based out of the uber-retro hood called The Junction in Toronto.

    They offer a really cool perspective on fashion and style, and the interesting ways our clothes have evolved and stayed the same over time.

    In addition, The Eye always manages to combine style and fashion with other things I love such as old movies, and really amazing music. Always something inspiring. Always something BEAUTIFUL.

    There are some amazing style stories as well about style and fashion that you might not EVER find somewhere else. Always a dark twist – I love a little mystery.

    I hate how boring blogs are starting to get. Everyone the same. Shake it up a bit! I want a blog with a little attitude, and finally there is a blog that definitely fits the bill!

    Eclectic, modern, and stylish…and especially being a guy, it’s refreshing to find a style and fashion blog that won’t tell me to shop at J Crew.

    THE EYE OF FAITH brings fashion back to its roots, and makes the lost world of the past feel possible.

    I would definitely have to add it to the list. Real fashion lovers who enjoy the weird and wonderful, please check out this online modern cabinet of curiosity!


  19. Ashley

    Ooh…there are some great blogs in this list that I never heard of!! Thanks for doing this list!

  20. Katie

    I love these posts! Finding new blogs is always fun…keep up these roundups, please!!! 🙂

  21. MizzJ

    Woohoo! So happy to see a local Vancouver blog (Style Quotient) on the list. Thanks for the recos!

  22. FashionableTeacher

    I agree with a previous poster about budget style blogs like Smart and Savvy Style and I am Chic on the Cheap.
    I think that celebrity style blogs are under represented as well.

  23. phiphisblog

    great links – and it is really nice to see up and coming blogs. xox P


  24. Whitley Hamlin

    Thank you for this awesome post! I am so glad to be connected with IFB… I heart IFB! :). Love finding new wonderful bloggers to inspire, educate and keep me excited for more!
    Best, Whitley at the Queen City Style

  25. Stacy

    Thanks for this list! It’s really hard to find new people to follow but your website is brill for discovering newbies but goodies!!

  26. Janie

    Thanks for sharing these blogs, they’re all so great! I’ll have to start following them all on Bloglovin!